Winter Fabric Colors

Those who wear their brightest outfits in the winter have got it right. If you ask me, it is the right time of the year to be seen in all those colors. I have a huge soft corner for all my bright and vibrant attires and I make sure to wear almost every one of them when the weather is quite cold.

Many of you might face problems in layering your deep pink, blue and other bright outfits in the winter but there are ways to team them up with your top, pants, and blazers. Here are some of the tricks I generally use to style my vibrant and eye-candy outfits in the winter season. My ideas will hopefully be of use to you. Feel free to experiment and wear your colors.

Go Neon:

neon color dress

There are those who feel that neon colors are overrated, but trust me, they still define swank. So, wearing your neon colored outfit this winter will actually be a great idea. So, all you have to do is, pick up a bright pink t-shirt and team it up with a vibrant orange blazer and mauve skirt which would definitely look quite awesome. You can even accessorize with a bright pink sling bag if you feel like. This attire is surely going to be extremely eye catchy. So, give it a thought of trying it out.

Bottle Green and Black & White Skirt:

bottle green, black, and white skirt

I love the bottle green color as it defines elegance and style both. If you want something bright to wear to work, try a bottle green sweater with mauve stripes and a black & white skirt to get that bold look. You can also take a green sling bag along with it.

I always love wearing a cotton shirt, and often prefer to get it custom made with the material of my choice. You can look at the designer cotton fabric from Tissura. You will find cotton in many different colors and patterns at this online store.

The Hot Pink Blazer Look:

pink blazer

Sport an absolutely sizzling look this winter by wearing a hot pink blazer with a white top and denim. You can be sure that it would grab every attention. Carry a white & black sling and wear stilettos to create the entire look.

High Length Boot and Maroon Coat Look:

maroon coat and boot

Pick up a beautiful bright maroon long coat this winter just to team it up with your favorite shirt and denim. Talking about the footwear, opt for a high length boot which would define the look better. You can go for a pair of black sunglasses and carry a brown bag along with it.

Here are 11 ways you can wear a maroon, red and other bright colors this winter.

The Brightest Yellow Look:

yellow cardigan

I find neon yellow cardigans extremely attractive and will thus highly recommend this for the winter. Go for a regular denim or black leather skirt and pair it up with a bright yellow sweater.


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