Tweed Trend

Tweed is back with a bang! It’s trending hot among those who like to look good. I personally prefer tweed fabric by Tissura. You will find a huge range of fabric at this online store in many colors and design options. Take a look.

Most people believe that the fabric is popular with men only. Nothing could be further from the truth as tweed can look good on both men and women. In fact, tweed has been a heritage cloth for centuries among both men and women. Over the years, the fabric has been associated with a rugged look and yet it was classically charming. But now you can forget everything you knew about tweed. Its appeal has now become much more far-reaching. It is now available in designs and cuts that reflect the modern woman and man’s lifestyle. Tweed is hot this season.

Tweed Fabric and its Properties

classic tweed outfit

Tweed is a rough fabric made of dyed and woven wool. It has a flexible and open texture that resembles homespun, but it is more closely woven. It is of medium to heavy weight, and is often used in the making of suits, coats, and jackets. You will find the fabric in a range of colors, weaves, and weights, so there is no typical tweed. It could be lightweight and plain, or heavy and colorful.

This woolen fabric with a flexible and soft texture has been popular particularly with the British and Irish people. It first emerged in the 18th century in Scotland, but became popular throughout the UK soon.

Origin of Tweed’s Name

The Scottish farmers used to wear tweed to protect themselves against the harsh winters. It was called Clò-Mór in the Gaelic language, which means “the big cloth”. But in those days, there were fewer varieties of tweed. It wasn’t as colorful like we have now. Some people believe that the name comes from the Tweed Valley, which is in Scotland. However, there are those who think the fabric got its name in 1826 when a clerk in London misread an order for tweel, as the fabric was woven in a twill pattern.

tweed blazer outfit

The fabric gradually became popular throughout Europe, particularly in the colder regions, because of its durable and moisture-resistant. The fabric can indeed withstand harsh climate. Traditionally, tweed has been popular mostly in the countryside among the gentry and farmers.

Let’s now take a look at how men can wear tweed –

Wearing Tweed for Men

Off-Duty –

tweed informal wear

Those who haven’t tried tweed before may be confused about where to start. Try something plain to begin with, like for instance, a plain tweed blazer with your neutral tee, cold-weather shirt, or roll neck, with leather boots and dark wash denim. This look showcases British heritage. Plus, you won’t look outdated in it.

At The Office

tweed formal wear

Tweed can look good in formal settings as well. But it’s best to stay away from brown shades and earthy greens. You can go for a weave grey suit and pair it with a deep navy tie, white shirt, and double monk-strap shoes. This outfit will strike the right balance of business-appropriate and brave dressing. It is sure to win you praises at the workplace.


tweed outerwear

This is the simplest way you can include the fabric into your fashion. For instance, you can make a statement with a gray or black tweed overcoat. It works with other items in your wardrobe as well. Make sure, however, that you are not too heavy-handed. A monochrome print may go very well with pared-back pieces. You can style with black jeans, charcoal knit and black leather boots.

Wearing Tweed for Women

Like I have mentioned before, girls can look amazing in tweed as well. Here are some ways you can wear tweed and look gorgeous –

Tweed A-Line Skirt –

tweed a-line skirt

Girls can wear a tweed a-line skirt with a snakeskin top and black ankle boots and look extremely fashionable in the outfit.

Tweed Boyfriend Blazer –

tweed boyfriend blazer

Another option is to wear a tweed boyfriend blazer with cut-off denim short and sequin top like this picture. Look how modern and trendy she is looking.

Double Tweed Look –

tweed cape

You can also show off the double tweed look in this way. Wear a tweed cape with your tweed dress and classic black pump footwear.

Tweed Coat with Denim –

tweed coat

Here’s another way to wear tweed this winter. Wear a tweed coat with your skinny denim and lace-up bootie.

Tweed Fabric Types, Uses

There are quite a few types of tweed fabric, many of which are considered heritage. Heritage tweed is used in sports jackets, casual suits, overcoats, and vests. Here are some of the most famous tweeds –

  1. Donegal tweed – This variety is woven in Ireland’s Donegal County. It is supple, soft and colorful. The tweed is power loomed or hand-woven.
  2. Harris tweed – From Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. Hand-woven. The fabric is thicker.
  3. Saxony tweed – Made from high quality merino wool in the United Kingdom, but the wool comes from Saxony in Germany. The fabric is softer.
  4. Cheviot tweed – This tweed is durable, stiff and soft, and is named after the Cheviot breed of sheep.

Tweed Colors for 2017-18

tweed jacket with denim

Tweed and boucle both are trending at this time. You will find many exclusive designs now in bell-shaped skirts, fitted jackets, and statement coats. The popular colors include brown, grey, blue, green, off-white/ivory, terracotta, and golden.


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