Tweed Fabric Trends

How do you look good in a tweed blazer or jacket in the winter? Tweed, a wonderful fabric, looks awesome when you style it well. I want to thank Coco Chanel here for giving us the classic tweed fabric jacket. It was the staple of this iconic fashion house, and to this day, remains a popular fashion option for the autumn and winter. Tweed has been reinvented and re-imagined time and again, season after season, even after all these years.

chanel tweed jacket

The Chanel tweed jacket can cost a lot of money, but many contemporary designers, such as Rebecca Taylor and others are modernizing the fabric for everyday wear. There are many ways to wear a tweed blazer or jacket, for both men and women. I will show you a few styling options, but before that, I want to speak a bit about the material.

What is Tweed

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A woolen, rough fabric with a soft, flexible and open texture, tweed is often used to make suits, coats, and jackets. However, it is usually heavier than other fabrics. The fabric is flexible and warm, but it is not as uniform or smooth as worsted tarns, where the fibers are in one direction as the wool is combed. Tweed will protect you against the cold weather adequately, but nowadays, it is worn not just for warmth. Tweed is in high fashion. Many designers are working with tweed to create haute couture designs.

Traditionally, tweed has been popular with men in English style suits with hats, while women have been wearing Chanel style jacket. Earthly tones have been very popular. Now of course, there are many more styling options.

Tweed Boucle

The tweed boucle fabric is woven with lurex threads, fancy yarn, ribbons, rims, and sequins in many colors. The rough woolen fabric is usually in a herringbone or twill weave. It has a long history. Traditionally, tweed has been used to make shooting jacket, and was popular with the Edwardian middle class who were engaged in hunting, fishing, and grouse or pheasant shooting. Now, of course, we all love to wear tweed. It has become popular throughout the world, among both men and women.

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The material is elastic, airy and soft and can be created in many threads like cotton or wool. The classic color combination is white and black, but you will find blazers and jackets in other colors too these days. Tweed is super luxurious, elegant, soft, and very comfortable. It is perfect for your evening attire or a casual suit.

How to Wear Tweed for Women

Tweed Jacket with a V-Neck T-Shirt

tweed blazer with t-shirt

Wear your tweed jacket or blazer with a v-neck t-shirt and you can look casual in it. V-neck shirts or t-shirts always look better than round necks as they are dressier. It’s best to avoid your graphic tee, though, because it may make your outfit way too casual.

Tweed with Button Down Dress Shirts

tweed jacket with button down dress shirt

Wear a light colored shirt with your tweed jacket when it’s not too cold outside. A button down dress shirt is a good choice. It will be light, and will go below any jacket or coat style easily. You can even wear a light colored denim shirt for a casual chic look, like what you see in this picture.

Tweed with Leggings

tweed with leggings

You want something to balance your outfit as tweed can look heavy and bulky. Wear skinnys or leggings to get a skinny bottom silhouette. Skinny jeans or tights should do very well. You can also wear with leather shoes to achieve a good balance. Plus, these shoes will make you look more sophisticated as well.

Tweed Fashion Colors For 2018

Like I have mentioned before, earthly tones have traditionally been the most popular. But now, there are many other colors that are doing well with tweed and boucle. In late 2017 and 2018, I am seeing exclusive designs and new ideas, and they are looking great too. The colors that are ruling this season includes green, blue, brown, grey, golden, off-white, ivory, and terracotta.

As you can see, quite a few of them are earthy tones, so clearly they are still doing well. But there are many new exciting additions too in the color palette.

Regarding the patterns, striped, checked, mottled, and plain are all doing well. Many of them are all-time classics and are still in vogue. See tweed and boucle high fashion fabrics here that are trending this season.

How to Wear Tweed for Men

Rugged-Refined Layering

tweed outfit men

Men can wear their tweed blazer with a blue chambray shirt, waffle sweater, wool-blend pocket square, slim dark denim, leather belt, a lambswool scarf, military watch and leather dress boots. The scarf will add warmth, many colors and patterns. But there are many other ways to look good with tweed to achieve a rugged, and yet refined look. You can either dress up or down with the fabric easily.

Casual and Crisp

tweed casual dressing men

Men can achieve a casual look as well with a tweed blazer, formal pants, a scarf, check long-sleeve shirt, leather belt, and chukka boots. The blazer or jacket looks best with collared shirts. You will shake up your everyday look with this outfit.

The Best Tweed and Boucle Manufacturers

Tweed was made originally in the UK, but now, the fabric is made throughout the world. The best quality fabric though is manufactured in Europe – Switzerland, France, Italy, and Austria. The factories that make the finest tweed and boucle fabrics are Jakob Schlaepfer, Linton Tweeds, Clarenson, Malhia Kent, Carnet, Agnona, HOH, and Ruffo Coli. They make both the classic and the high fashion versions, and are highly regarded.

Some brands are better known for their complementary patterns like multi-toned or plain, simpler designs, embroidered with sequins or beads, and such others. These fabrics make you look absolutely stunning.


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