Suiting Fabrics

These days, suits can be made from virtually anything. For instance, Lady Gaga was once seen wearing one that was made from raw meat. Thankfully, most men wouldn’t be so adventurous. Also, while many men are perfectly OK with buying their suit from the local supermarket, there are those who will go any distance to get something that fits to the tee with their lifestyle and body.

I would personally want my man to be like this. So I believe, whether you are a man or a woman, you should always buy the suiting fabrics first, and then have the suit made from it. It will always fit better, and be a great match with who you are. Here are the top suiting fabrics, popular among men, and even many women.

The Classics Wool

wool suit men

Wool is, of course, the most common fabric for suits. You can wear it for work during the winter and even to a job interview. It looks good and very official, no matter what the color. But the most common colors are gray, black, and dark blue. There is also a lightweight version of this, which is called ‘tropical wool’. But this may not give you adequate protection in the winter so many men wear it in the summer.


flannel suit men

Flannel is a bit heavier and nappier fabric than wool, but this too is a great choice for the winter. Have you seen the 1956 movie ‘The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit’ that featured Gregory Peck? It went to become very popular and a cult movie. Make a style statement by going for a light color flannel suit.

Chalk Striped or Pinstriped Wool

pinstripe suit men

Here’s another that will be a good choice for your business suit. But these suit styles are not just for bankers and others doing official work. You can wear one casually too, even with a tank top and look good in it. It will make a great gangster suit as well. Chalk stripes are a bit blurrier and thicker than pinstripes.


tweed suit men

Tweed is one of the toughest and oldest fabrics. This is a woolen fabric with a flexible and open texture, and is very closely woven. Tweed can be woven with a twill, herringbone, or plain weave structure. Many believe you will look like a grandpa when you wear tweed. But that’s such a big lie. Tweed can, in fact, give you a rugged, yet sophisticated look, which you will love.


plaid suit men

You can easily make a fashion statement with a plaid suit. There are many fabric and style varieties in plaids. For example, there are big, exploded plaids and houndstooth Prince of Wales checks. They all look cool.


corduroy suit

The cord suit is popular again. It’s a great choice in poor weather and is very comfortable too. You can layer up easily too with a scarf and cardigan. Cord will also make you look urbane and younger.


velvet blazer

Velvet is produced by combining different materials – cotton, woven silk, and nylon. Velvet is very luxurious and would be the perfect every day dinner jacket. But it won’t be good for your daily office wear as there is nylon, which isn’t one of the most aerated fabrics available.


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