Semi-Formal Outfits


There are occasions when you have to wear something between formal and casual – semi-formal. This will be dressier than your everyday business clothes, but less formal than your black-tie dress. You don’t

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Knitted Dress


I love sweater dresses, so it’s no surprise that I always prefer the winter. It’s that time of the year when I can layer in so many ways, experiment and have fun. A

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Striped Wool Suit


Let’s make it clear – this type of wool suit doesn’t generally enjoy that high popularity as, say, a solid one. Why? Several reasons, basically. In my opinion, the first and most important

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Tartan Wool Trends


They say, in London, you are never supposed to be 20ft away from tartan. As I’ve never given a try to  check this statement, it’s quite difficult for me to prove whether this

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Winter Coats


It’s great to wear a coat or a jacket during the cold season, and you need one as well to stay protected. But if you are less than 5 feet 4 inches, then

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Tweed Jacket


What are the best ways for men to wear a tweed jacket or blazer? A tweed jacket, and even a blazer, is a wonderful item to have in your wardrobe. You can wear

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V-Neck Sweater


Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are two people I love, not just for what they have done for the home computing industry, but also for how well they have carried themselves, and looked

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Winter Travel Outfits


December is often a whirlwind. There is so much work to complete before the holiday season sets in. We want to complete the work quickly so that there is time on our hands

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7 Most Iconic Wool Fabric Manufacturers


European wool manufacturers are renowned for their highest standards of quality, backed up with decades-long expertise in wool creating. What makes them remarkable? In many respects, wool producing brands are associated with supplying of

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Jacquard Fabric Cleaning


Printed designs look good. But if you want the luster to last longer and want the printed pattern to be more wearable, then you can go for the jacquard fabric. The fabric goes

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Winter Fashion Trends


I have already decided to flaunt all my sparkly and metallic dresses with feathers this winter. Bold makeup is also on my priority list. So, I am going to try out everything creative

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Scotland Winter Dressing


Scotland is simply awesome. The northernmost country of the UK, Scotland is one of my favorite vacation destinations. In my many trips to Scotland from London, I have found that there is no

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Suiting Fabrics


These days, suits can be made from virtually anything. For instance, Lady Gaga was once seen wearing one that was made from raw meat. Thankfully, most men wouldn’t be so adventurous. Also, while

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Celebrity Fashion Fall


What are the celebrities wearing in the fall? It seems that even the celebrities have a soft corner for fall. Right from Katherine McNamara to Keira Knightly, everyone has been seen in dashing

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Winter Outfit Trends


Summer might be long gone but the urge of dressing up has still not faded away. In fact I feel that winters are the best time of the year to experiment with clothes

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