Jacquard Fabric Cleaning

Printed designs look good. But if you want the luster to last longer and want the printed pattern to be more wearable, then you can go for the jacquard fabric. The fabric goes a long time back – to the early 1800s. It’s a luxury thing that looks good, and feels even better. The designs can be spectacular. You can wear a jacquard pattern dress both for formal occasions and casually. You are sure to love how comfortable your jacquard dress will feel.

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What is the Jacquard Fabric?

Jacquard fabrics for dresses come with very intricate detailing. The pattern is directly woven in the material and not embroidered. The finesse of jacquard is vast and it is available in various designs and colors. The material is woven on a loom that is also used to make fabrics like damask and brocade.

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In 1800, a method called the draw look was used a lot to weave jacquard but the process was not that fast and could only produce simple designs. But the process improved after the jacquard loom was introduced. And later, bigger capacity machines came into the picture, which made the process of weaving even better. More material could be produced once the electronic jacquard looms came out. Mass production also reduced the price.

Cleaning Your Jacquard Clothing

It is essential to take good care to make your jacquard looking the best. Proper care will also extend its life for sure. There are few ways of cleaning and maintaining this fabric, which you must learn.

Use a Light Brush:

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The cleaning procedure also includes light brushing. Take a horsehair brush and light the surface of the fabric lightly. But do make sure that the brush you use is soft. This will keep the garments stain free. You can use your portable vacuum as well to get rid of any debris. Remember to keep the vacuum on low setting.

Go for Dry Vacuum:

It is always best that you do a dry vacuum to clean the material. This is the most effective way to remove the soil and dirt that is accumulated.

Use a Mild Washing Powder:

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I always use a mild detergent for washing all my clothes and I take extra care when it comes to jacquard. To remove stains, use some light washing powder and rub off the stain gently till it is all gone. Never be harsh on the fabric while cleaning. Remember, it looks great, but jacquard is very delicate. But before removing the stain, always pre-condition your fabric by using dry foam.

Speed Dry:

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Get an air mover for yourself as it’s quite useful. You can speed dry the clothes with it. Your responsibility does not end right after washing a jacquard outfit. The drying procedure is also essential. Air movers have actually helped me a lot in this matter.

Use a Dry Fabric Cleaner:

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Take a towel and put undiluted chemspec dry fabric cleaner on it. Then wipe very lightly on the material. This is another effective way of cleaning jacquard.


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