Celebrity Fashion Fall

What are the celebrities wearing in the fall? It seems that even the celebrities have a soft corner for fall. Right from Katherine McNamara to Keira Knightly, everyone has been seen in dashing winter outfits. I like many of my girlfriends, keep looking at what they are wearing and the outfits the designers are showing off. That’s because, I have often seen them becoming trends of the future. This year, I have seen many of them absolutely nailing the fall look. Be it a checked blazer or a big baggy cardigan, they are looking stunning.

Here is my top list.

Kate Mara’s Dress:

kate mara outfit

The House of Cards actress, Kate Mara looks too cool to care in a bomber jacket and loose black pants. This is the easiest way to dress up for fall if you are confused and don’t know what to wear. It’s both casual and trendy at the same time.

Gigi Hadid in Stripes:

gigi hadid stripe dress

We have always seen Gigi Hadid rocking every outfit. She is carrying off this striped pant and blazer amazingly and the mock neck top matched with it looks gold too. For me, Gigi has once again won my heart and given me fashion goals. I am surely going to look around for something similar in the fashion stores.

Margot Robbie in a Shift Dress:

margot robbie shift dress

Margot Robbie, who won hearts through Suicide Squad is seen here in a black and white shift dress. The outfit is no doubt breathtaking but apart from that everything else looks perfect too. The way Robbie has fixed her hair and kept it half loose is appealing.

Selena Gomez Outfit:

selena gomez pant

Those olive green sweat pants which Selena Gomez is wearing will have my heart forever. That fitted top and denim jacket are appreciable too. But I like her orange glares the most. This is what I call a chic outfit.

Kylie Jenner’s Orange Hoodie:

kylie jenner hoodie outfit

How can we not talk about Kylie Jenner while discussing fashion? Her orange oversized hoodie is cool and is the ultimate for this weather. She is certainly looking fantastic in this. And loose clothes are anyway trending like anything nowadays.

Kate Bosworth’s Pantsuit:

kate bosworth pantsuit

This flowery pantsuit which Kate Bosworth is wearing defines vogue. It would any day go with a chunky heel or a funky flat slipper. Heavy accessories would look good with it but an earring will certainly compliment the pantsuit.

Hailey Baldwin in Velvet:

hailey baldwin velvet dress

Velvet is another material apart from wool which is very popular during the winter months. Over here, you can see Hailey Baldwin sporting a velvet dress like a boss. She looks absolutely magnificent in it.

Corset Layering by Kim Kardashian:

kim kardashian outfit

The way Kim Kardashian has layered a corset with a dress and a jacket is unconventional. She is a true fashionista who I often follow, and you can see here why Kim always rocks.

Cara Delevingne’s Biker Jacket:

cara delevingne biker jacket

The actress is mostly seen in debonair outfits. The combination she is wearing in this picture is also incredible. Her biker jacket has stolen the show and that sheer bodysuit with high length boots is remarkable. This is the ideal date night outfit.


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