Autumn Winter Trends

The Fall/Winter shows for 2017/2018 are gone now, and we see a new trend emerging that is distinct. The days of sharp looks and flashy luxury seems to be a thing of the past. It’s back to the basics for the designers. Oversized clothing, business dressing, the 70’s look, padded jackets, tactile fabrics, fur, and bold colors have returned to the runway.

Here are some of the top trends.



Designers have been talking about oversized fits for a while now, but the trend had stayed below the radar, until now. This time, the super-skinny look finally took a backseat. Inflated proportions, relaxed-leg trousers, and cocoon-like coats took over. Stylist Phill Tarling recommends sober colors for suits and jackets.

Business Dressing

business dressing

Business class with an edge was the undercurrent for this season. It looks like the Wall Street of 1985. Extra-large shirts worn slightly long with patterned neckties are looking good.



Cashmere is back every winter, and this year is no exception. That’s one thing that has not changed. It is more colorful, this time, so the dreary winter won’t dampen your spirits. Blue, green, and bright shades of Bordeaux are dominating. Earth tones are in fashion as well. The retro look has gained momentum.

Cashmere wool, a natural material, is extremely soft. It is valued for its warmth and fabulous texture. Cashmere is suitable for a wide range of clothing items, from sweaters and cardigans to jackets, trousers and coats. I buy my cashmere fabric from Tissura. They offer 100% original cashmere wool materials.



Fur has made a comeback too. However, this season, it is close-cropped, a departure from the shaggy long-line. You will see influences from the 1970s. There are fewer false colors as well.

In fact, the 70’s are back in almost everything – grandpa cardigans, Woodstock hair, beards, vintage accent, and furs. Prada and Venturini Fendi have brought out the memories from the past and reinvented styles, which only the Italians can do.

Statement Knitwear

statement knitwear

In fashion, every trend is followed by its opposite. That’s like an unwritten rule. So, it is becoming chaotic after the stripped-back Scandi look of years. There is knitwear with patterns and logos. It is more experimental now. Wear something loud with neutral, quiet staples. Turn down or mute the volume when needed with the right texture and prints or graphics.

Printed Silk Shirts

printed silk shirts

You will find more and more silk shirts in a wide range of prints this time. Many men haven’t been comfortable with silk shirts, but this style seems to be trending now. And if you ask me, these silk shirts do look good at parties.

Colors of Autumn/Winter 2017

sunrise orange

Dark neutral tones work well in these seasons. Olive, moss green and such others are doing well in 2017. You can wear bold colors as well such as sunrise orange and even red. These are trendy colors for this year.


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