7 Most Iconic Wool Fabric Manufacturers

European wool manufacturers are renowned for their highest standards of quality, backed up with decades-long expertise in wool creating. What makes them remarkable? In many respects, wool producing brands are associated with supplying of the leading fashion designers of the time, as well as individual tailors of celebrities and even crowned heads. Not surprisingly, their fame has become something people feel excited to be associated with, and for most of their history, these brands enjoyed exceptionally high reputation.

For the many, the term “wool fabric” primarily reminds of British tweed suits. So, let’s get started with such a major brand as Holland & Sherry.

Holland & Sherry. From the day one of its foundation in 1836, the company has been aiming at luxury segment, and developing its production techniques on the way to finer, smoother and softer fabrics. At different times, it passed the stages of gaining recognition at homeland and expansion to foreign markets, always staying faithful to the connotation of its iconic selvage “Made in England”. One of the symbols of Holland & Sherry’s abiding to the traditions to quality – either expressed through fabrics or client service, is its legendary shop on Savile Row in London.

Today, Holland & Sherry proclaims itself as a manufacturer that entirely continues the corporate strategy on producing fabrics worth of the royal court – out of the world’s finest wool fibres. Apart from keeping steady as she goes, the brand stays proud of its huge investments into R&D, constantly searching for even more exquisite fabric designs, colourways and fibre combinations. The company offers a great variety of pure and blended wool fabrics – with linen, silk, cashmere and vicuña. Some of the most incredible fabrics from the company’s latest collections are represented here.Holland & Sherry wool fabrics

Dormeuil. No less legendary is the French House of Dormeuil, famous for settling the glorious British manufacturing traditions on the continent. Established since 1842, the company has gained a huge success over the years due to the perfect combination of science, art and finest natural wool fibres. Moreover, Dormeuil always managed to meet the current men’s fashion trends of the time, while bringing in amazing innovative features. Such a policy made this wool fabric manufacturer highly favourable as to regular customers, as to prominent fashion houses. Top-notch machinery, the team of ingenious designers, highest craftsmanship of British weavers and best-of-the-kind fibres are the factors of company’s success by this day as well.

Enjoy the splendour of Dormeuil wool fabrics.Dormeuil wool fabrics

Scabal. This Belgian wool manufacturer, whose name is an acronym for “Société Commerciale Anglo Belgo Allemande Luxembourgeoise”, is 100 years younger than Holland & Sherry, which doesn’t make it less luxury, however. Founded in 1938, it has become the official fabric supplier to the world’s leading ateliers by 1950 already, and in 1960 Scabal opened its boutique on Savile Row in London. Since 1973, all Scabal fabrics are being produced on the heritage mill in Huddersfield, Britain.

Today, Scabal closely partners with the leading European fashion houses and produces luxury suits under its brand. By this day, the company offers exclusive fabric design service to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. For those aiming at the absolute splendour in textiles, Scabal has developed the range of lush fabric collections featuring rhinestones and noble wool fibres.

You can see the luxury selection of Scabal suiting fabrics on this page.

Scabal fabrics

Ermenegildo Zegna. The true legend of Italian textile brands, Zegna is widely associated with the luxury Italian wool at its best. Founded in the Northern Italian town of Trivero in 1910, the company has made a long way to one of the biggest world producers of wool fabrics. Zegna product range is notably versatile, as besides fabrics, the brand stays especially proud of its menswear clothing, such as suits, coats, necktiesknitwear, shirts, accessories and sportswear.

The company has been historically encouraging the production of Australian worsted wool since 1963 by awarding the trophy to the manufacturers for the finest fabrics.

Ermenegildo Zegna fabrics are incredibly multifarious: besides merino worsted wool, the company offers such noble fibres as cashmere, mohair, alpaca and vicuña, as well as blends with silk and linen.

Zegna boutiques are located in 66 countries in the World. You can also find wool suiting fabrics by Zegna online.Ermenegildo Zegna fabrics

Lanificio Luigi Colombo. This Italian family-owned company has proven to the whole world that profound research and thorough selection of fibres lead to real success. The company approaches fabric creation very thoroughly, performing ninety-four production stages and eighteen intermediate controls. Luigi Colombo considers R&D as a primary factor of quality, which made the fabrics by this company highly favoured both by regular customers and the leading European fashion designers.

The Italian manufacturer works with the most exquisite fibres, such as cashmere, guanaco, vicuña, camel, yangir and a range of others. Here are some of the most exquisite wool fabrics by Luigi Colombo.Luigi Colombo fabric

Agnona. This brand is established in Italian comune of Borgosesia in 1953 by Francesco Ilorioni Mo and currently belongs to Ermenegildo Zegna Group. Agnona is renowned as a fashion house and luxury wool fabric manufacturer. Since the moment of its foundation, one of the company’s key activities have been international fabric supplies to fashion designers from different parts of the world, and Agnona is still strong on these matters. The brand’s conception is environmental ethics, purity and naturalness, which is delivered through the slogan “Nature never betrays you”. The brand’s collections embody the need of a real woman, where each model is a timeless, trendy and comfy garment.

It works with a wide range of luxury wool fabrics, making a special emphasis on such noble fibres as cashmere, alpaca and vicuña.

If you want to taste that splendid vibe of Agnona wool fabrics, check them out here.

Agnona fabric

Loro Piana. Among the wide range of italian wool manufactures, this one deserves a special attention, as it is the biggest western producer of cashmere and the largest single purchaser of the extra-fine merino wools in Australia and New Zealand.

Like the most of Italian textile companies, Loro Piana is a family-owned business run for six generations, which is generally a major prerequisite to maintaining high product quality. Since the day of its foundation in 1924, the company has been strongly adhered to the rigorous production standards. Loro Piana is a true leader in wool fabric production. Its prolific releases of new collections, never-ending search for the finest fibres from the most distant parts of the world and their incredibly meticulous checking before sending to the production factories – all these activities account for achieving that level of exclusivity and exceptional quality its customers are used to expect from during many decades.

The company is also widely renowned for its clothing collections for men, women and children, including leather goods, accessories and gifts.

Enjoy the most exquisite Loro Piana wool fabrics.

Loro Piana fabrics


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