Wool Coat

How do you wear a wool coat in the fall? Fall is the most amazing time of the year for many of us, especially for those who are into fashion. Some of you might be in a shopping spree right now while few may just want to stick to their old outfits. But if you are looking forward to wearing some of the most stylish woolen coats this fall, then you might just have to head to the shop to buy them. After all, it’s good to add new stuff to your wardrobe once in a while.

Wool is Popular Worldwide

A wool coat is always a great addition to your collection. Wool fibers are popular worldwide, and for good reasons too. In Europe, wool is often obtained from goat, angora, and sheep, while in the Middle East, it is from camels. In the Himalayas of Asia, cashmere wool is of course the most popular, and it is of great quality too. In the Andes of South America, it is from guanaco, vicuña, alpaca, and llama.

Whatever it is, the natural fiber is clipped away from the animals, and then it goes through many processes of production. There have been improvements in production techniques and logistics. In the end, wool stands out because of its warmth, moisture absorbing properties, crease resistance, and the comfort the material offers.

I know that there are so many who don’t have any more space left in the wardrobe, as they are loaded with outfits. But its still worth it to get one more wool coat at least. They are after all, very trendy and useful. If possible give a few of them away, so you can get new styles and trends. Here are some amazing ways to wear woolen coats this fall.

Leopard Print Look:

leopard print

Leopard prints are still quite in. You can surely go for a woolen coat in this print to look cool and trendy in it. I personally feel that an animal print woolen coat looks extremely stylish. It gets even better when you team it up with a black high neck top or dress with black bottoms. Try these looks. I am sure you are going to look like a true fashionista in these outfits. For footwear, a boot will go really well with this attire. Accessorize well to complete your look.

You can try the luxury worsted wool fabric from Tissura for your coat. You will find some of the best quality materials at the Tissura online store.

The Office Look:

formal outfit idea

Get rid of that mundane office look and go for something totally slick and classy. If you do not have a long coat, then head to a fashion store to purchase one as it is very trendy now. You can try a nice navy blue formal pant and sky blue shirt to pair up with the stylish long coat. Wear minimal accessories. Just go for a golden earring and carry a black formal bag with you. Wear a pump stiletto to look awesome.

Checked Long Woolen Coat:

long woolen coat

I love how a long checked woolen coat looks. It turns out to be stylish but you need to carry it off really well. Team it up with a smart white formal shirt and black pants. Make sure to wear a matching belt so that the outfit looks great. You can wear a bright colored pump shoe and your favorite glares to complete the look.

The Chic Top and Coat Look:

top with coat

Here’s another option for you. Pick up your favorite top from the closet and layer it with the most amazing woolen coat you have. Trust me, this outfit is going to be a head-turner. So go ahead and try this style.

The Military Woolen Coat Look:

military woolen coat

Getting into your military woolen coat this fall is a must do, if you want to sport a super awesome look. You can pick up a black military coat and team it up with a formal pant and a basic shirt to appear classy.

How to Wear an Old or New Wool Coat

I thought of some chic ways of wearing an wool coat this season, whether its an old one or a new coat. Check them out –

  1. Spice up your off-duty style look by wearing a statement top, and your favorite denim with your coat in an informal way. It will be cool and chic, and will be the perfect outfit for a coffee with friends.
  2. You can look new and good even to work by wearing a button-down and black trouser, or navy wide leg pants, with statement sleeve or neckline, and your coat. Complete your outfit by wearing mule heels. The dress is sure to look modern, smart, and ready for work, but with a twist.
  3. Thirdly, for the weekend, always try to focus on balancing out the loose fitting pieces, such as the hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants, for example, with tailored pieces like your wool coat. This could easily become your go-to coat look for the weekend.

Coat Styles

Finally, consider the different coat styles you can pick from, and there are many of them as well. Like, for instance, there is Silouette, Straight Silhouette, Trapezoidal Silhouette, and Redingote. Then there are short coat styles as well, like the Bell Coat, and the Hooded Coat among others.


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