Winter Wardrobe Men

With November already here, December and the winter season is not far away. The days are already beginning to get shorter. Winter in the United Kingdom and London can be really cold, so it’s time to get prepared for the weather. Men should pack their wardrobes with the core fundamentals for the winter, but only those won’t do. There has to be a lot more things in there, items of clothing that are in trend. Plus, you will also have to get ready for this year’s Christmas party.

The December temperature in London can hover between 6 and 10 degrees. It can get colder in January.

With winter around the corner, it’s time to start planning, and perhaps getting the ones you need. Here are a few must-have pieces every man should have in his winter wardrobe.

A Good Parka

parka for men

It’s always wise to stay prepared for the winter when it can be really chilly outside on many days. There will also be days when it may snow heavily. So you need a good parka that will keep you warm and stylish. A parka is a key trend for the winter anyway. Remember to always choose a down-filled parka.

A Scarf That Protects You From The Elements

scarf for men

Your neck needs to be bundled up adequately this season. A simple navy or neutral colored scarf can do the trick, but you can also add a bit of texture and color to really brighten up your looks. It’s a good idea as well, because most men are wearing gray or black in the winter. Choose playful patterns like plaids and checks for some depth and style. Make sure the scarf is soft and lightweight.

Jacket, Coat, Cardigan

wool jacket outfit

You will certainly need a leather jacket or a cardigan for the winter. It is good to have both. Make sure that your jacket hits the waist, and stay with gray, brown and black colors. A good jacket will serve you for many years. For a cardigan, you can go with a shawl-collar type. Get one with pockets for that snug feeling. You can wear a wool overcoat on a nice winter day when it is not too cold. You can consider the worsted wool fabric from Tissura, which is some of the best in the world.

Winter Boots

winter boots

It is always worth investing in a great pair of heavy winter boots. You will look good in it, but more importantly, your feet will be adequately protected. Weather forecasts can be very unpredictable, so it’s always good to stay prepared. Get a pair of snow boots you can rely on for combating snow, freezing rain, and sub-zero wind chills.

A Vest

puffer vest

Vests are very good for layering. You can wear a puffer vest over your flannel button-down shirt or sweater. You can also wear one under a heavy coat. Some down vests are heavy, while others are bulky. Get a good one for your wardrobe with side-seam pockets where you can keep your valuables. Make sure it is lightweight and soft.

Wool Beanie

wool beanie

You need to keep your head covered when the temperature turns single digit. You can wear a pair of earmuffs or hat. Another option is the beanie. A beanie is stylish, but very effective.


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