Winter Travel Outfits

December is often a whirlwind. There is so much work to complete before the holiday season sets in. We want to complete the work quickly so that there is time on our hands for shopping, planning for the holiday, and packing for it. If you are going somewhere, then that will involve packing too, which isn’t easy, as winter garments are bulkier and will take up more space easily. And of course, you will always want to arrive on style, so your dress should be neat and un-crumpled. The outfits you wear should be trendy too.

winter travel outfit

Comfort is the key when you travel, but if you are arriving somewhere exciting, or are meeting people you don’t see that often, you will always want to look chic. In the winter, you can choose from wrap jackets, leggings, knits, scarf, boots and sneakers. Then there are so many great combinations you can wear as well.

Here are some style ideas for you to pick from. Happy traveling!

Cropped Jeans and Studded Boots

cropped jeans and studded boots

You are sure to be trendy and fashionable always when you wear this cropped denim and studded boots look. You can layer with a long coat on top if it is cold at the place you are going. A traditional check blazer or coat will look good. A cap and scarf will also go well with this dress.

Scarf with Sweater

scarf with sweater

There are so many gorgeous ways to wear a scarf in the cold season. A silk scarf works very well, but you can pick another material as well. You can tie a knot or wear the scarf casually around your neck over your sweater. This outfit here looks just perfect. We like to layer in the winter, but too many layers can make you sweat.

Sweater with Floral Midi Skirt

sweater with floral midi skirt

Here’s another outfit idea for you. Wear your sweater with a midi skirt with floral designs on it. Even a wrap sweater can look good, like what you see in this photo. This outfit will look different than what everyone else is wearing.

Tailored Coat

tailored coat

A fabulous tailored coat will be the perfect topping. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing underneath. It will go well with almost anything. See how well this coat is going with plain denim. All eyes are sure to be on you.



Styled tops are almost sure to come untucked when you are traveling as you try to find a comfortable position. So why not wear a bodysuit that will never bunch or move? With a bodysuit on, you will always be arriving in style.

Blazer with Hat

blazer with hat

The hat and blazer look can also be another great dress. In this outfit, you are ready to travel and arrive in style. You will look super cool in this.

Grey Long Coat

grey long coat

Wear your grey long coat with cigarette trousers and sneakers. Accessorize with a red bag like this. Here’s an outfit that will keep you protected, but looking gorgeous.


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