Winter Jacket, Coat Guide

Every season is unique and you wear different outfits in them. It’s though always a battle for me when I have to decide when to switch from pants to skirts in the spring. In the summer, I try to strike a balance between not revealing too much and spicing it up. And in the winter, it’s all about getting the right coat. A coat or jacket is a must-have for your winter wardrobe, but finding the perfect one isn’t always that easy.

Here are some ideas to purchase that perfect coat or jacket for the winter.

Focus on Quality

wool coat

Never compromise on quality when you are making the purchase. I personally read the label very carefully. Sometimes, they will advertise as wool, but the fact is that, just a small percentage is actually wool, while 80% is spandex and nylon. Polyester won’t work if there is a snow storm. Plus, the material will also make you sweat. Go for velvet, leather, tweed, fur, and even corduroy, a textile where there is a distinct pattern.

The Material

leather jacket

This is certainly very important, more so for layering, which is very important for the winter. Layering adds character to how you look and also keeps you warm. There are many materials to choose from, such as leather, polar fleece, thermal, and others. With polar fleece jackets, your body can breathe and you will stay warm too. If you don’t like layering on the outside, then go for thermal wear. And those who are fashion conscious will do well by going with leather jackets. For a daytime casual outing, you can wear a denim jacket.

Body Type

fur coat

Remember to select your fabric depending on your body type. Select thicker fabrics, such as fur and wool if you are petite because this lets you add volume to the look. On the other hand, if you are bigger, then go for slimmer fabrics.

Wear Layers Below

layer clothing

It’s always good to fit layers below your coat. I have come across many coats where there is room in the torso, however, the arms look very skinny. There should be room for layers below the arm because it can be very restricting and uncomfortable otherwise. The layers will twist in different directions, making arm movement virtually impossible.


red jacket

You must choose the right color too. Darker colors work very well in formal places. They will make you look serious. But for the weekend or party, you can go with brighter colors like green or red. It’s also a good idea to wear your coat or jacket depending on the time of the day. Pastel shades look good in the day, while a darker shade is better for the dinner or evening function.

There Should Be Pockets

coat for women

You will certainly want a coat with pockets. You will appreciate these pockets when you have to rush through snow and have a place where you can tuck your hands.


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