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Visiting London in December? It will be really cold this time of the year. There can be a chance of occasional rainfall as well. The average temperature is around 6°C, and it gets colder as the month progresses. Plus, you should also expect snowfall. So it is essential that you pack adequately for the month. Check out the weather in London here.

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Hi, I am Alice Rose, a fashion blogger from Chelsea in London. I have lived in London all my life and have had to deal with all the winter snow and rain. I will help you plan for your London trip, especially when it comes to selecting the right outfits. From London, you can visit other places, even Scotland perhaps, which can be very cold in December. So you have to plan your clothing accordingly.

A Good Coat

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You have to layer properly to survive the London winter. The temperature outside may dip, but the theaters, bars, shops and public transport will still be warm and toasty. So you cannot wear three jumpers. You will need a big coat that you can wear over your other clothing if you need to go out. Anything that is too tight to take off or wear will be irritating. You should never sacrifice warmth for style.

Keep Out the Wind

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The coat will be of no good if it cannot protect you from the London wind. So make sure that it is windproof. Yes, you have to layer well, but too many items of clothing will leave you sweaty and uncomfortable. Also, make sure that your coat is a large one. You should be able to wear it above a jumper and shirt. Best, select something that ends just above the knee.

Chunky Knit Sweaters

chunky knit sweater outfit

A knit sweater is a must too for London and the UK. I like classic colors and cuts so they can be matched with whatever else I am wearing. You can layer over a shirt and take it off when it feels hot in the London Tube. You can de-layer easily before you overheat.

Over-The-Knee Boots

over the knee boots

With the right shoe, you will keep your feet warm, and can avoid the cold, wet and achy feeling. Make sure that your shoes are waterproof. Trust me, when walking with the crowds at Trafalgar Square or Regent Street, you want to wear decent hard working boots. Best, go for over-the-knee comfortable to wear boots for complete protection. Also, remember, socks are important in the London winter.

Scarves and Beanie

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Rain and wind can sneak in even through small openings. A scarf and fluffy beanie will help you maintain heat. A winter scarf is also a great accessory to style your outfit or to dress up a casual look.


winter gloves

Keep your fingers warm and working with a good pair of winter gloves. Like the coat, you might find the windproof or leather versions better.



London is notorious for its sudden showers. In fact, there is no dry season in London. An umbrella will keep you protected. It’s never a good idea to get drenched in the cold.


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