Winter Dressing

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It is quite important to know the rules of clever layering of clothes during winters so that one can not only feel comfortable but also sport a super stylish look. You really do not have to appear boring and mundane when the weather turns out to be chilly as there are so many ways to style the winter outfits. I keep experimenting with my woolen clothes and team them up with a lot of things and I will be sharing some of the tricks with my readers today. So, if you are quite perplexed regarding how to dress up during winter, this write-up could be great savior. Therefore, find out about the styles which I prefer.

The Dapper Coat Look:

dapper coat

A lot of you still end up wearing anoraks instead of a proper coat and I would suggest you to discard that now because it’s quite out of fashion. You can go for a smart long coat which can be worn over anything, be it a trouser, jeans or a dress. Go for ankle length boots if you want to pair the coat with denims. A tan colored long dapper coat would look extremely classy on one.

Sweater Dress with Knee Boot:

sweater with knee boot

I just love wearing sweater dresses in winters and I am sure that many of you are a big fan of it too. Quite a lot of them could feel that dresses would not cover their legs due to which they might feel quite cold but you can get rid of that problem if you end up wearing a knee length boot along with the dress.

Black and Gray Combo:

gray and black dress

Don’t you just love the combination of gray and black? Both the colors look quite great due to which one can pick up a black cardigan or warm top and wrap a gray stole around the neck to sport the perfect look. Team it up with a dark blue denim glares, bags, boots and a swanky belt.

Rollneck Dresses or Cardigans:

rollneck dress

Rollnecks can never go out of vogue because they look absolutely class apart and are perfect for winters. A rollneck cardigan or a dress should look good on anyone. Therefore, you should definitely wear it during this winter.

The Flat Boot Look:

flat boot with denim

I am extremely fond of flat boots as they are quite comfortable. Make use of your flat boots this winter by wearing an absolutely swanky outfit. Pick up a pair of amazing well fitted denim and an eye catchy top, and then layer it with a jacket or a long coat. You would end up fetching several looks if you try this attire out.

The Biker Jacket Look:

biker jacket

Biker jackets are very much trending these days due to which you should definitely wear it this winter to look chic. A black biker jacket would surely stand out if you carry it off well.

Spade Coat Look:

spade coat

You can never leave your spade coats behind during the winters. It gives an extremely elegant look and keeps the person quite warm. Therefore, sporting a spade coat during a chilly day or night is a must.

A Few Tips to Remember

Always wear sleeves in the winter

This is obvious naturally, but sometimes it is still necessary to point this out before you are heard. Most tops and dresses you will find on sale this season do have sleeves, and rightly so too. After all, this is the winter season and you need the additional protection. Plus, long sleeve dresses are also going to look more elegant and smarter this time of the year.

Avoid wearing a pencil skirt with kitten heels

Many girls get it completely wrong when it comes to their fashion choices. Take for example wearing a pencil skirt that comes down to the knee with kitten heels. It just doesn’t work in my opinion. There’s nothing wrong in wearing a pencil skirt, but you have to make sure that its length goes lower than your knees. Wearing a kitten heel is also OK, provided you do so with a full-skirted, neat waisted shape. Whatever you do, make sure to wear a neat top.

Insulate your coat with a vest or down liner jacket

Vests and quilted shell jackets with feathers or insulation fill will provide adequate protection in the winter. It will also give you more pocket space. You can go for a collarless style.

Get good flat boots

This is going to be a really important purchase. In the winter, I personally wear boots with a furry lining. Yes, it costs more, but when I am outside, I just cannot afford to have slip disc or frost bite. It’s not a good idea. You can get something like this or a biker boot at least. It should work out fine. You will thank yourself that you got it for the winter. Another good idea is to wear shoes that come with heavy-duty soles.

Get a pair of additional gloves

If it’s really cold where you live, then having just a single pair of gloves is never going to be enough. Get a second pair. Also, make sure that you don’t pick the first pair you find. Check it thoroughly before buying, particularly the material of the lining. The lining is going to make all the difference between your fingers turning blue and having a nice warm pair of hands. If you can find it, then get a pair of gloves that is lined in wool, cashmere, or fur.

Wear a cashmere turtleneck

A turtleneck will always work out better than a crew neck in the winter when it is freezing cold. You will then have the protection every time you go into a windy corner or reach for the wallet. Cashmere offers more insulation than regular wool, and it is breathable as well.


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