Winter Coats

It’s great to wear a coat or a jacket during the cold season, and you need one as well to stay protected. But if you are less than 5 feet 4 inches, then a coat may not be a fun thing for you. There are all sorts of problems. Take the overall coat length, for instance, the sleeve length, and where the shoulders and waist fall, instead of where they are supposed to be. There are many design details and proportions that won’t work for you if you have a smaller frame.

Life Can Be Difficult For a Short Girl

coat outfit short girls

Life for a petite fashion-girl can be quite difficult in the winter. There are very few options, really. You won’t surely want to sacrifice your style by wearing a coat where the sleeves and everything else will look odd on you. So what does a petite woman do? Wait! There is still hope for you.

You will find a few stores that cater specifically to small women. But even then, coat buying can be frustrating when you are short, particularly when there are so many swing coats, animal-print hoods, ears, and capes available. I have a friend who is 5’2”, and have seen closely how much she struggles when she is buying a new coat. She often tends to become completely frustrated with her coat buying experience.

coats for petite girls

So I wanted to find out options for petite girls. Here are 5 coats that won’t make short girls look like they have escaped from their primary school.

Top Coats for Petite Girls

Red Coat with Collar

red coat with collar

Petite girls may not look good in red coats. In fact, you run the risk of looking like a character from Little Red Riding Hood or the dwarf from Don’t Look Now. But if you wear a warm berry colored coat that comes with a grown-up collar and one that is tailored very nicely, then you can certainly look very chic and festive. Similarly, a black colored coat with the collar can also look very nice on you.

Military Coat

military coat

A clean cut military coat will also look good on you. You can wear this and even one in khaki with your pale skinny denim and an oversized scarf. A cream scarf will look good. There are other color combo options too, like a bear-hat with blue, for example.

Velvet Coat

velvet coat

Make sure to pick an awesome color for your velvet color. Just look at how pretty this boden blue coat looks. Boden offers one of the best clothing ranges for petite girls, so you might want to take a look.

Parka in Muted Colors

parka outfit women

It’s not easy choosing a parka when you are petite. You may end up looking like a girl in her school trip. But it will work out for you if you wear one in muted colors and if it is in unfussy tailoring. Wear a scarf with your parka.

Herringbone Coat

herringbone coat

I love the look of this herringbone coat. If you wear one with fur, then you don’t even need a scarf. Herringbone wool will keep you warm in the winter too.


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