Wardrobe Essentials

Fashion trends change all the time. We love to wear what is trending, but there are some clothes that stay relevant, even with all those changes. So what are the essential pieces that every man should have in his wardrobe? Let us take a look.


black overcoat

If you had to narrow down to just a couple of jackets, I would recommend a statement blazer and an overcoat. The overcoat is a statement piece. It’s one of the trendiest outerwear now. It would be nice to have overcoats in different colors, but if you are on a budget, and if you have limited space, then a black overcoat should be the one you choose. This will be a versatile piece.

A knee length overcoat will serve the purpose very well. You will feel relaxed in it, and you can layer over a jumper when you want to dress casually, and a suit for the workplace. You can look at the Tissura online store for coating fabrics.

Statement Blazer

statement blazer

Men need to have a statement blazer too. Choose from checked blazers, tweed and other styles. You are sure to find something to suit the occasion and your style. You can wear with an open neck shirt, a tweed jacket, or with denim. Plenty of choices!


suits for men

Every man needs a suit or two in his wardrobe. Here too, there are many options. You can choose from three-piece suits in different colors, sizes, styles, and for every occasion. Many dread the price, but suits don’t have to be costly always. The popular colors though are grey, navy, and black. With a basic suit in your wardrobe, you will be covered for most occasions. All you need now is a tie and shirt to go with it.

Jeans and Trousers

jeans outfit men

Men need both formal and informal trousers, including denim. For trousers, follow the same rules as suits – grey, navy and black will go for most occasions. Denim on the other hand, is a casual wear essential that every man should have. In fact, there needs to be quite a few pieces in the wardrobe. Blue jeans are a classic, but other colors look good too, such as black.


t-shirt outfit men

Casual wear, of course, doesn’t end with denim. There are t-shirts too, which men must also have – and quite a few in the wardrobe. It is essential to have t-shirts in different designs and colors. There are logo and graphic t-shirts too that look good. T-shirts look awesome with denim of all colors, but they can look good even with other trousers, even formal pants sometimes.


shirt outfit men

When choosing a shirt, look for perfect fitting. A man’s shirt is not something very simple and easy to select. For instance, perfect fit will differ, so be careful. Having said this, there will be shirts that work for all sizes and shapes – the classic tailored fit. Go for pale colors like pink, purple and blue. And white is always a classic.

Of course, men need other stuff too, such as ties, shoes, caps, and scarves.


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