V-Neck Sweater

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are two people I love, not just for what they have done for the home computing industry, but also for how well they have carried themselves, and looked over the years. For as long as I can remember, I have seen Gates wearing his favorite v-neck knits, while Steve Jobs was almost always in his roll necks. Black was his color, of course. It was almost legendary.

bill gates v-neck sweater

Men’s fashion too changes over time, just like what happens with women’s fashion. But when it comes to the neckline, the rule was quite simple – V-necks are bad, while the crew neck was good. Only the full-time LADS and part-time golfers used to be seen wearing v-necks. Bill Gates was an exception.

The Rise of the V-Neck Sweater

steve jobs roll neck sweater

In fact, the crew neck has been dominating the menswear scene for many years now. However, this season, there is a definite shift towards the v-neck. Style directors and fashion watchers are seeing this everywhere now. The trend started after Lanvin and Prada showed their work off at the AW17 presentations where the sweaters were worn under a blazer or layered over a shirt.

gucci v neck sweater

But the change, to be frank, didn’t happen overnight. For a couple of years, we have been seeing a few designs emerged. Gucci, for instance, brought out their v-necks sometime back. Then there were cricked sweaters too, a sport that is popular in England, Australia, NZ, and Asia. But suddenly, it now seems like the v-necks are everywhere in the runways. The trend has been hot in winter 2017.

Top Ways to Wear the V-Neck Sweater This Winter

Suit Up

v-neck sweater with suit

You can wear a v-neck together with a suit and look good in the outfit. Just layer it smartly and you will be all ready for work. Just don’t pick a color outside the acceptable spectrum. V-necks are available in many shades. You will do well to keep it basic – your neckline will do all the lifting. A white cotton shirt, navy or gray sweater, and a well-tailored trouser with your suit is a classic combo. This will always work.

Roll Neck and V-Neck Together

rollneck and v-neck together

Here’s a new trend for this year I have rarely seen before. Many men are now wearing two different necklines – the roll neck and v-neck together. Just make sure that your roll neck is peeping out from below the V you are wearing. Such an outfit will show the 1970s vibe. Almost anyone can pull off this look. You can experiment too by wearing a maroon V-neck and a mustard roll neck with your brown leather blouson on top.

V-Neck Sweater with Cord

v-neck sweater with cord trouser

A v-neck is best made with wool, perhaps cashmere. It will add depth to your outfit, which will be the perfect foil for corduroy, a trending fabric this year. So you can wear a soft v-neck sweater with your cord trouser. Of course, there are other texture mixing possibilities as well. For instance, you can wear a wool overcoat with a leather biker jacket. Experiment all you want in the winter.


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