Tweed Jacket

What are the best ways for men to wear a tweed jacket or blazer? A tweed jacket, and even a blazer, is a wonderful item to have in your wardrobe. You can wear it with your office outfit, or casually to look smart. It’s a versatile piece of clothing that you can wear in different ways. Tweed is most popular with men, but even women can look good in the fabric. What was once viewed as nerdy or stereo-typically old is now a very stylish fabric, a must have for the winter.

tweed jacket for men

However, wearing tweed can sometimes be tricky, which is why, many men end up not wearing it too often. Tweed as a result, remains unused in the wardrobe, which is sad, as it is indeed a fantastic fabric. Here are some of the best ways of wearing tweed.

The Luxurious Tweed Fabric Jacket

tweed waistcoat

Tweed is a relatively sturdier and thicker fabric, a great choice for a cold day. You can choose your luxury tweed fabric in several color and pattern options as well. Traditionally, green has been the most popular color, but in recent years, grey, brown, and other shades have gained favor as well. In fact, these colors can be more versatile actually. The material is a great choice for coats, suits, jackets, and even trousers.

tweed vest

The fabric is best for smart casual dressing. For instance, you can wear a grey, brown or khaki colored jacket with your button-down shirt to look urban and trendy. Wear with denim, and you won’t look too formal. A pair of leather boots will go very well with this outfit. Wear your Chelsea boots and you can easily dress up.

Wearing Tweed

brown tweed jacket

Brown Tweed – A brown jacket with matching waistcoat looks so British. No, this dress won’t look dated, provided to match it well with the surrounding pieces, making it look modern in the process. For instance, you can wear this look with slim fit chinos in khaki, brown or black, or with denim. Loafers or desert boots will complement this very well.

tweed with denim

Check Tweed – Men can make a fashion statement easily with this. A check tweed jacket provides an off-duty, heritage feel. You can pair this with a white shirt and tailored suit trousers to look formal, or if you want to dress casually, then try this with a sweater and well-fitted denim. Don’t wear your check tweed with a patterned or check shirt, as your outfit can look very loud. Avoid wearing overly distressed jeans as well.

grey tweed outfit

Grey Tweed – This is the most formal option for men. Also, many people feel this look is very old, almost like it’s from your grandfather’s wardrobe, which it isn’t. You can certainly make your tweed jacket a more youthful look. All you have to do is wear it with denim, chukka boots, and a light blue shirt.

Tweed Blazer for Men

tweed blazer

A tweed blazer makes you appear more informal. You can wear with jeans and your classic white tee. To add a seasonal twist, wear with a plain white shirt or a chunky wool jumper. Remember to wear only a patterned jumper or jacket. If the tweed blazer and jumper are both patterned, then you might end up looking very overpowering.


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