Tartan Wool Trends

They say, in London, you are never supposed to be 20ft away from tartan. As I’ve never given a try to  check this statement, it’s quite difficult for me to prove whether this rule is actually true or not. What I can be completely confident about though, is the great popularity of tartan during the last decade. Just look around, these checks are everywhere!

But wait a bit. How come this posh symbol of Scottish aristocracy became massively blurred by the millions of young men and women living far, far away from the shores of Scotland? American scaters and grunge bands, Japanese schoolgirls, German punks, and, finally, the worldwide hipsters’ movement… Well, in the 1970s, tartan was chosen as the symbol of establishment and conveyed the idea of social inequality. Very soon, this fabric has started to be associated with anarchy and derision towards the ethics in the society that failed to acknoledge the working class as deserving some basic respect.

It might be the matter of an argument whether punks have really reached their ideological goals, however, what we can say exactly, is that tartan has no longer been reserved just for the noble successors of Scottish clans. Moreover, in fact, it has become associated with the rebel spirit, and once the critical mass of public discontent with fashion trends has been reached in the late Noughties (remember those skinny suit jackets and tailored shirts that limited your movements yet supposed to make a dandified look?), tartan has made its comeback. Year after year, the number of garments with that design have been increasing, and as for 2018, the popular check pattern is expected to appear on coats, suits, dresses, skirts, shirts, trousers and scarves.

tartan fabric

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this awesome pattern this season, and have a look at some fashion ideas.

Check coats and suits

A coat is a type of men’s and women’s clothing that never ceases to attract. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to note that hardly any fashion season goes without it during the last decade. What makes it so appealing, by the way? There are several reasons, basically:

  • Coat is long and mostly made of wool, which protects a large part of your body from wind and rain;
  • It looks stylish. Whatever coat design you take, it always retains that certain vibe of formality that you would save- at least, just for fun.
  • A historical aspect. The very concept of a coat has a long history, as you can see the pictures of European gentlemen in coats even on the engravings dated by thefirst half of the 19th. Although the top hats and walking sticks have felt in the abyss of time as early as in the period between the second half of the 19th  century and the beginning of the 20th century, a coat has been remaining in fashion all during the 20th century and is still in hot trends these days. Why? I believe, psychologically, we unconsciously tend to associate ourselves with our ancestors, who lived in a class-segregated society and were serious about demonstrating their social status with coat-based clothing. Social equation, human rights, democracy… Oh yeah, your coat is just warm and cosy, isn’t it?

During the latest fashion shows, tartan and plaid check patterns have been represented in each designer collection. As follows from them, in 2018, the 70s style check coat is expected to be the hot trend. It features large buttons and fur inserts that accentuate the cuffs or the hem. Another hot trend is a coat-cape. Made of wool or cashmere, multi-colored, monophonic or black-and-white, these stunning coats are created by such fashion houses as Chloé, Fendi and Miu Miu.

Tartan coat

Thick fabrics with such geometric print suit best for creating warm and cosy clothing in cold year season.

What comes to chequered suits and trousers, they experience a new rise in 2018. Suits are the timeless trend in men’s fashion, while if combined with checks – the pattern delivering an aristocratic vibe – they are always highly favoured by fashion connoisseurs.

Chequered shirt dresses

The current season welcomes check pattern in a wide range of clothing, including shirts. Shirt dresses in a large and small coloured check can be worn in lots of combinations. I’ve picked some of the most impressive ideas below:

  • Skinny jeans, white T-shirt and white sneakers. We’ve got used to such look during the last several years, haven’t we? Oh yeah, besides a red chequered shirt probably, especially if you are going to wear it tightened around your waist.Tartan shirt on a waist


  • You say: “A button-down shirt under a solid faceted cardigan…?”
I say: “Why not?”

tartan shirt

This mix works not that bad, especially, if you don’t forget to roll up shirt cuffs. If you go for a white cardigan and a blue tartan shirt, dark blue jeans would be the best match to improve the visual perception of a blue chequered pattern and make a notable contrast to white.
  • If winter season in your area is heated by the Gulf Stream, you might be one of those lucky ones who can enjoy lots of combinations that tartan makes with other clothing. Take this one, for example, featuring a white vest, torn jeans and a knitted cap with a pompom.

Tartan shirt

Chequered trousers

Houndstooth, the Prince of Wales, Scottish check – these tartan patterns have been represented in each second collection during the latest fashion week. Celos, trouser skirts, shortened straight and banana silhouette trousers, wide elongated trousers in a pyjama style – if you feel passionate about any of such trouser types, why not create them yourself? You can buy the most appropriate wool fabric online these days, and the real advantage of such option is that you can find some amazing unique patterns generally unavailable in ready-made clothing.

Tartan trousers 2018

Chequered skirts

Chequered skirts have always been regarded classic. This season, they can become a part of your office outfit if you select a middle length, straight or flared designs, as well as styled with a coloured or black-and-white tartan pattern.

tartan skirt for office

Chequered scarves

As I’ve said above, tartan comes in a very extensive range this season. Wide and long wool scarves in a Scottish style, especially in red and black are also in hot trends this season. You can wear it in different ways:

  • Bend it around your neck several times;
  • Throw it over your shoulders;
  • Attach it on your waist with a leather belt.

Tartan scarf

Tartan is the fabric that radiates warmth, cosiness and the touch of classic English style. If you’ve never tried this legendary fabric before, give it a shot then! No matter what piece of clothing you opt for, it is definitely worth to have a chequered fabric experience in your wardrobe. And who knows, you may well join the ranks of those tartan-addicted, who cannot wait for this fabric comeback to fashion again.


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