Sweater Layering Trends

Layering of clothes or sweaters during winters might turn out to be a problem for some of you but it’s quite exciting for me. And I am sure even you will find it exhilarating once you master the skill of layering. I love winters because I get to dress up a lot, it’s that time of the year when you finally take out your cool jackets, boots, caps, stockings and so on. So I am always very excited when winter approaches.

Here are a few ways you can layer the sweater in the chilly weather. I am sure you are going to look stunning in these outfits.

Spaghetti Over Cardigan Look:

spaghetti over cardigan

You may feel that this is quite common but it’s always great to start with the basics. So, get into your coolest white high neck or normal sweater and then just layer it with a black spaghetti to look all stylish and dapper. You can definitely accessorize the outfit by wearing a long and quite cool neckpiece which would add the oomph factor. Pair it up with awesome blue denim and carry a brown or a bag clutch to complete the amazing look. This particular outfit is best for a brunch with friends or a date.

The Dress, Stockings and Sweater Look:

sweater with stockings

Sport an adorable look by opting for a casual white dress, stockings and loose cardigan attire. I am absolutely in love with this particular look as it is perfect for both day time and night. You can add the extra cuteness to your outfit by wearing a hat. Go for minimal makeup to maintain the subtle look and trust me you would be surely good to go. So, selecting this outfit definitely sounds like a very good idea and one should definitely give it a thought.

The Denim and Sweater Combo:

sweater with denim

If you want to go for an extremely basic look, then you can opt for a blue casual denim, pair it up with a shirt of your choice and then just layer it with a loose cardigan. This would not only look great on one but you can also grab quite a lot of attention if you style it well. You will definitely end up sporting a smart look.

Triple Layering:

triple layering

Now this is what I call a classy outlook, I just love the concept of triple layering as it looks extremely dapper. Go for a casual stripped shirt and layer it with a bright sweater and then pair it up with a denim jacket. You can go for black bottoms and boots to make the outfit look absolutely outstanding.

High Knee Boots, Cardigan and Dress Look:

sweater with high knee boots

Want to sport a chic look? Go for a formal or a casual dress and layer it with a classy cardigan and then team it up with your favorite high knee boots. You can also carry an awesome hand bag to complete the look.

Here are 10 layering essentials you may want to take a look at for the winter season.


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