Summer Clothes In Winter

Winter is an exciting time of the year for me and a lot of other people. I personally love to experiment with clothes and love to wear in layers. But there are those who don’t like the heavier outfits and would rather keep on wearing their summer look.

Here’s some happy news for them. Did you know that you can continue wearing your summer clothes in the winter as well, but for that, you need to have a clear idea of how to pair them with your woolens, and leather jackets? Here, you will find some suggestions and tips on wearing your summer outfits when the weather is cold outside. So don’t pack up those summer outfits yet. You may still be able to wear them.

Layer it Up:

layering for winter

Layering is the most pivotal thing you need to remember while dressing for the winter. So layer cleverly. Coming to the styling, you can pick up your short skirt and summer top and team them up with stockings, blazer and a muffler. This would not only look smart but would also help you in utilizing your summer attire quite well. And as far as the footwear is concerned, you can opt for a brown knee length boots which would go extremely well with the outfit.

Shirt Dress and Leather Jacket Look:

shirt with leather jacket

Stop worrying about not getting a chance to wear your shirt dresses this winter because there is actually a way of making use of it by wearing it with tall socks and boots. The attire will give you an extremely stylish outlook and would appear to be quite innovative and creative due to which people might even come up to you and give great compliments. Wear big earrings along with it and carry a tan colored hand bag just to complete the look of the outfit.

The Turtle Neck Top and Robe Look:

turtle neck top

Turtle neck tops are mostly worn during winters and you can style it in a completely different way by pairing it with a robe. This would turn out to be absolutely dapper, you can also wear a camisole beneath the turtle neck top if the weather is too chilly outside. You will surely end up sporting an unconventional and extremely stylish look in this particular attire.

Stockings and Dress Look:

cotton dress with denim jacket

Take out your cotton dresses this winter and pair them with your most stylish stockings and layer it with a smart denim jacket. Carry a stole around your neck if you want to add that extra oomph and go for an ankle tan brown boots to appear slick.

The Cardigan Top and Blouse Look:

cardigan with blouse

I feel that this is the simplest way of layering during the winters. Just pick up your casual blouse and team it up with a basic cardigan top & denims and you would definitely end up sporting a super stylish outlook. Therefore, one must opt for this attire during the winter.


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