Top 5 Suit Fabrics And How To Wear Them

There are so many suit fabric options to choose from that it can become slightly confusing. There is wool, tweed, mohair, silk, flannel, and seersucker. Then there are critical decisions to make like the correct fabric for the place or event you are going to. And of course, you must consider the season and weather as well. For instance, what is the right fabric for the winter and the summer? Here’s a guide that I am sure is going to help you make the right choices.

Fabrics For The Winter And Autumn


tweed suit

This is quite an informal fabric that goes best with bespoke suits. This is why you won’t find tweed suits too much in business or at the office. The material is sturdy and it is relatively thick. Tweed is a very good choice for cold weather. You will also find this in many patterns and colors. But the fabric is not flattering for heavy men.

To get the formal look, you can wear it with your black shirt and suede loafers. It won’t be easy to dress down your tweed suit look, but you will do well with a long sleeve polo and chukka boots.


wool suit

Wool is a very popular fabric, so it’s available easily. It is durable, resistant to creasing, and comparatively cool. Dry clean and keep it well and your wool suit will last for a really long time. Visit the Tissura store for some of the best wool suit fabric from top manufacturers like Ermenegildo Zegna, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana, Luigi Colombo and Scabal.

Wool looks very good in formal setups. You can wear a three piece suit with your crisp matching shirt. You can also dress down easily. You can wear with plimsolls or trainers.


mohair suit

Mohair is a fabric that breathes very well. It is durable, tough, and takes dark dyes very well. You will love the luster and natural sheen of mohair. But the fabric will feel slightly coarse on your hands.

Wear your suit with full formal outfit, tie, and leather loafers. You can also wear it with suede boots and casual shirts to dress informally.

Fabrics For The Summer And Spring


linen suit

This is one of the most lightweight fabrics. But linen will stain and crease easily. To dress formally, wear linen with a bright color shirt, white will do very well. Complete your look with a black brogue. For casual dressing, wear the suit with a striped long tee and a high top.


silk suit

Very breathable, comfortable, and apt for the summer or springtime! It will feel good on your skin too. On the flip side, the fabric won’t react well if you sweat a lot.

Silk can feel a bit chilly even in the hot days. So it’s best to wear the shirt with a jumper. This will add extra layers to your outfit. For casual dressing, you can wear with your plain white tee and slip-on plimsolls to achieve a laidback look.


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