6 Ways Of Wearing A Shirt Dress

Every girl has a shirt dress in her wardrobe and for good reasons too. It is on-trend, breezy, and easy. So much so that the shirt dress has become a classic wardrobe staple. And there are so many ways to wear it too. You can dress it down or up, wear the dress to your workplace, as long as you wear different dresses.

It is sexy when the dress has a short hemline. You can show off your legs if you want. It is modern, cool, and can be tried in so many ways. To look relaxed, simply layer it over your tee or jeans. You can even wear it over your bikini if you are heading to the beach. All you have to do is just add heels and you will be ready for the evening. It’s easy to wear the shirt dress as well. You can wear it with kitten heels, flats, and even combat boots. It can be no-frills dressing at the best.

This is one versatile piece of clothing that I am sure most girls find very useful. However, the shirt dress can look too homely if you don’t dress correctly. So plan well. Remember, celebs can catch instant attention in it. You can look attractive too.

Chrissy Teigen’s Shirt Dress

chrissy teigen’s shirtdress

Chrissy Teigen was seen wearing this when she was pregnant. And you will agree, she certainly looked pretty and comfortable in this outfit. This is a plaid and roomy shirt dress, and yet, it’s not dowdy at all. Just remember to couple the loose frock with more streamlined, solid silhouette. Take a look at her shoes, socks, black bag and boxy coat for evidence.

Shirt Dress With High Heels

shirt dress with high heels

Wear high heels with your shirt dress, and it almost magically transforms itself into splendid evening wear you can be proud of.

Shirt Dress For The Office

shirt dress for the office

You can wear a shirt dress during the day, evening, and even to the office, though it may seem too casual to you. Just make sure to focus on a few formal details, such as the cuff sleeves and collar. Wear loafers or oxfords instead of heels, and you will have a dress inspired by menswear that will be apt for the workplace.

Shirt Dress As Cover-Up

shirt dress as cover-up

Heading to the beach and planning to spend long hours there on a summer day? Why not wear your shirt dress over your bikini? It will be the perfect cover-up.

Quick-Fix Shirt Dress

quick-fix shirt dress

There will be times when in a hurry, you just want to wear something quickly and go. For these times, just throw on the shirt dress and you will be ready. It will be simple and quick. Just remember that your dress should have clean lines and should be crisp. Also remember to wear statement shoe, which will complete your look.

Dress Down With A Shirt Dress

dress down with a shirt dress

Like I have mentioned above, you can both dress up and down wonderfully with a shirt dress. Here, you see how to dress down by wearing a sweatshirt and cap.


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