Semi-Formal Outfits

There are occasions when you have to wear something between formal and casual – semi-formal. This will be dressier than your everyday business clothes, but less formal than your black-tie dress. You don’t want to look extravagant, but you still need to be attractive and elegant.

You can wear a semi-formal outfit to an award ceremony, dances, an afternoon tea, graduations, bar mitzvahs, and sometimes even to a wedding. Make sure that your dress isn’t too casual or dressed up. It’s always a tricky balance, but doable.

Dress Suits Or Pantsuits

pantsuit for women

A pantsuit or dress suit is always appropriate for a semi-formal event, but you can wear a dress as well. Select a dress with sophisticated or minimal prints if you don’t want to be seen wearing solid colors. Also remember dresses and dress suits need to fall below your knee or just above it by an inch.

cardigan outfit

For your business suits, it is best to stay away from wool because wool is usually not considered to be dressy enough and semi-formal. An oversized coat, cute cardigan and even a classic jumper could be better alternatives.

The Best Fabrics

taffeta skirt outfit

For fabrics, you can choose from silk, cashmere, high quality polyester or velvet. You may wear fabrics that appear silky as well, but it is important to consider the time of the day too. For example, if you will be wearing it in the afternoon or morning, then go for a fabric that is airy and light like chiffon. Satin, velvet, velour, sateen, gossamer and taffeta are some other good semi-formal fabrics you can wear.

taffeta fabric dress

Taffeta fabrics are particularly good. I personally love the high quality silk taffeta fabric, which is smooth and stiff. I love its crispy surface and the rustle when I move. Taffeta is trending at this time, and you are sure to look good in it. Sometimes I buy from the Tissura online shop, which stores only the best quality materials.

Semi-Formal Basics For The Winter

black jumpsuit winter

During the winter season, you can include tights into your outfit. Wear elegant outerwear if it gets very cold. A dressy jumpsuit and the black dress can be the basic. Black is a good color always, as you can wear contrasting colors easily with this, and you can accessorize in many ways too. But, the cocktail dress for a semi-formal event can be of any color, though gold, red, and black are the most popular hues for the winter.

pink jacket outfit

During the winter daytime, you can wear white, purple or pink shades. Solid color outfits may work best. Texture can be added for outerwear and winter accessories.

A dressy jumpsuit is also a great option for a semi-formal event as it won’t show a lot of skin, while making you look elegant. Wear a lighter neutral color during the day like ivory, and in the evening it can be black. You can wear stockings or tights under your jumpsuit. This should provide you protection against the cold.


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