Scabal Fabrics

Headquartered at Brussels, Scabal is one of the leading textile makers in the world, including the finest premium wool. The business was founded by Otto Hertz in 1938. But in the initial years, Scabal was just a small supplier of fabrics.

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Over the years, the company has emerged as a leading maker and retailer of shirts, jackets, and suits for men. Tailors and the best designers now depend on the brand for their fabrics. Not surprisingly, many of the top celebrities are often seen wearing the brand. Marlon Brando wore a Scabal in The Godfather. Also, did you see Robert De Niro wearing his Scabal suit in Casino?

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The name Scabal stands for “Société Commerciale Anglo Belgo Allemande Luxembourgeoise”. Most of their cloth is woven at Huddersfield in England.

Scabal Wool for Suiting Fabrics

It is essential to use only the best raw materials for weaving premium yarn. Scabal thus focuses on proper sourcing. Their merino wool is of the highest quality, acquired from heritage farms in Australia. It is thoroughly checked before the wool goes to the production facilities. Scabal prefers to weave all wool fabrics at the Yorkshire mill because of the climate and Pennine water, which is very good for washing raw wool.

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In every wool fabric of the company, you will find the Scabal name, collection, and the Super number, so it’s easy to find. Many suiting fabrics are made of worsted wool, but other fibers are used too like cashmere, line, silk, vicuna, and mohair, among others.

Scabal Options

You are sure to find plenty of options from the company to choose from – stripes, delicate, or sophisticated checks. Blue, grey, plain black, and other colors! 100% worsted wool or different blends. You will find a Scabal for formal wear, summer blazers, wedding suits, everyday suits, and more. You can walk into a Scabal store in Paris, London, Geneva, Moscow, Kiev, Beijing, Baku, and Brussels. Or you can buy exclusive Scabal fabrics online here.

Scabal Special Editions

Summit – This is among the best in fine worsteds. The fabric is ultra fine, and woven with Super 250’s wool. You will immediately notice the luster. It is easy to tailor, and the drape too is excellent.

scabal heritage

Sunrise – In this collection, the fabric has the same amount of silk, worsted wool, and Super 200’s. This is extremely lightweight, fine, and soft. Its sheen is remarkable.

The Star – The suiting fabric here is woven with vicuna and Super 200s. You will rarely find finer wool, which is why it is often called the “fiber of the Gods”. It is extremely lightweight and soft too.

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Lapis Lazuli – This collection combines cashmere with worsted wool and lapis lazuli, a rare mineral. Small fragments of lapis are blended with the fabric to make the color stand out and appear striking. What you get is an incredible luster.

There are others too that belong to this edition, such as Orchid, Treasure Box, Expression, and Diamond Chip. They are all unique, and they all stand out because of their super quality and premium luxury.


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