Wearing The Polka Dot Trend

Marilyn Monroe wore that famous polka dot bikini suit. But it’s not just the Hollywood celebrity, we all wear polka dots sometime in our lives. I remember my mom wearing a dot dress. I have many childhood photos with a black and blue polka dress. However, it is not something in the past – polka dots remain popular to this day. They look elegant, attractive and are perfect for the summer. Actually, you can wear polka dots throughout the year.

Here are some great ways of wearing a polka dot dress.

Cold Shoulder Dress

cold shoulder polka dot dress

The midi length is very popular now. Here in this photo, there’s a very good asymmetric black dress with ruffles in its bodice. The cold shoulders here look very modern. The polka dots here are looking extremely elegant. Plus, they are also adding glamour to the entire outfit.

Red Dress

red polka dot dress

Here’s an amazing red polka dress, which is perfect for the summer. If you ask me, I can wear something like this all the time, both for night and day events. You can wear it with a good bag for the beach.

Polka Dress With Bag

pink bag with polka dress

Speaking of bag, see here what I found. You must look at the details for every outfit combination. That provides the sense of fashion and style. This unusual bag is a perfect combination with this awesome blue ruffled polka dots dress. The colors are going well too – good choice for the summer.

Retro Polka Dots Dress

retro polka dots dress

Here is an extremely glamorous and elegant dress with a retro look you are likely to notice. This dress will be perfect for cocktail parties, dinners and formal celebrations. Wear the dress with high heel stilettos and leather jacket or long coat by draping it over the shoulders.

Polka Dress With Velvet Coat

polka dots dress with velvet coat

Here is a good button down dress with your polka dots. The big slit and bow neckline make its elegant and sexy. Go for this if you are thinking of a fall polka outfit. The velvet coat will keep you comfortable and looking smart. You can pair the outfit with nice sandals or stilettos and a statement bag.

White Boho Dress

white polka dress

Many polka dot dresses are available in lace. However, with boho style, you will find the lace on the bodice or sleeves. The dress here is boho style and white, which is a great color for those hot sunny days. So look cool and trendy, and stay comfortable with a polka dots dress like this. You can wear it with mules, flats, or espadrilles.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Wearing A Polka Dress


  • You can pair with florals, plaid, or stripes.
  • You can wear with polka dots of other sizes.
  • You can dress down with sneakers or up with heels.
  • Show the dots on your clothes, and also bags, shoes, and other accessories.
  • Polka dots look great during the weekend and also in most work places.
  • Don’t

  • Do not wear too many dots together. They should be in 3 different pieces max.
  • When wearing black, white and red together, go for more deconstructed silhouettes, unless you are going to Disney Land.
  • Best to avoid pairing polka dots with another print.
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