Office Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

You must have surely been receiving a few holiday party invitations. It’s that time of the year when we all like to celebrate. But dressing for an office holiday party is not all that easy. On the one hand, you have to look professional because you are in front of your co-workers, but you still don’t want to dress like it’s just another office day. So what do you do? You have to achieve the perfect balance of looking polished, and yet festive enough. No, it is not that difficult to achieve.

Here are some outfit ideas for you to get started.

The Suit Outfit

burgundy velvet pantsuit outfit

You can wear a velvet pantsuit in an attractive color like burgundy, for example. Don’t skip the undershirt. You can style it with a turtleneck underneath to make it look office appropriate. Carry classic black accessories to complete your look. You will appear both sophisticated and smart in this outfit.

The Jumpsuit Outfit

sequin jumpsuit outfit

Want to wear an outfit with minimal styling efforts and still look like an office appropriate party fashionista? Go for a sequined jumpsuit and you will look dressy. The jumpsuit will be glittery and shiny already. You can wear this with a pair of sparkling studs. Your classic black coat will go very well with this.

Metallic Skirt Outfit

metallic skirt party outfit

The metallic skirt will be a very good piece this festive season. There is always gold and silver. You can also wear other colors like deep green, for example. You will be ready to party in this outfit. But you will still be dressing correctly for your co-workers. Finish your look by wearing a pair of chandelier drop earrings.

Leather Pants Outfit

leather pants outfit

A leather pant dress will also look good. In fact, leather bottoms are a statement look already. All you have to do is just add a sweater on top. You can also wear a puffer jacket for some extra protection if you need it. Fancy accessories and heels will let you dress up those edgy pants. Try strap heels and a pearl pendant.

Dress Outfit

long sleeve party dress

If you are thinking of wearing a dress without tights, then select one that has long sleeves. The cut should be knee length. This will give you protection when you have to go through the door. It will also look right for the office day, as you lead up to the evening party. Add a teddy coat to stay cozy and warm. Ankle boots will also give you protection against the winter elements. It will keep things conservative.


Nothing wrong with wearing heels till the time you are dancing after taking a few drinks at the party. You may end up having sore toes and blisters the next morning. So it is better to wear flats. You can wear one with crystal embellishments to make it look interesting. A mini dress will show off the fancy footwear. Layer tights underneath if the dress seems too short!


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