Mountain Vacation Outfits

Most people head to the hills in the summer. But if you like snow, like me, then try going during the winter holiday season, just to enjoy the chills. Skiing is an added bonus, but you don’t have skiing everywhere. Also, everyone cannot ski. They are not that athletic, physically fit, or enthusiastic about adventure sports. But almost appreciates nature.

An escape to the hills is always a wonderful idea. But you have to plan carefully for the getaway. Its fun, but you need the right clothes so that you have adequate protection. Plan to pack right for the trip. Mountain towns are usually small, so you won’t find everything you missed out there.

oversized sweaters

Oversized sweaters that you can match with denim, knit pants and overalls are a must. So are sunglasses, a good pair of shoes, and a hat or cap. Take a poncho. This will help you stay warm indoors beside a fireplace. On the other hand, a down jacket, shoes, and a beanie will protect you outdoors.

Check out these essential outfit ideas for a mountain vacation without skiing.

Dark Shade Denim

denim outfit

Carry denim in a dark shade with you. Darker colors absorb light, so you will feel warmer in the hills. Your legs will stay protected as well. You can also wear an all-denim outfit, like what you see in this picture.

Fleece Pants

fleece pants

Obviously, shorts are ruled out when you are visiting the hills in the winter. What you need are fleece pants. Heavier fleece will keep you protected on those colder days, while lighter fleece will do just fine during the day time or when the temperature is above the freezing point.

Snow Boots

snow boots

Get a good pair of snow boots. Always check the soles to ensure it grips well. Check the rubber shell as well, because you need protection from the slush too. And of course, you should be able to walk comfortable in the boots.

Winter Gloves


You will certainly also need a good pair of gloves to keep your palms and fingers protected in the wintry chill and snow.

Waterproof Snow Pants

snow pants

This one is a must for the hills. You will find these pants most useful while doing snowmobiling, ice skating and snowboarding. I like to go on long walks, and can’t thank my waterproof pants enough. Make sure to pick pants with vents and zippers so that the air can come in. You don’t have to strip down. The vents will keep you cool.



Of course, you must pack a very nice sweater as well. It should be good enough to protect you from the cold. Cashmere wool is a great idea. It is soft, very comfortable to wear, protects you adequately, and also looks great. Plan what you are going to wear before, so you can carry one in matching colors. You can also carry a jacket to keep the cold away.



Finally, carry adequate woolen caps. Make sure that your caps are covering your ears.


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