Midi Skirt

Can you wear a midi skirt in the winter? Not everyone might agree with me, but I am firmly of the opinion that every season is appropriate for the midi skirt. Yes, you can wear the midi skirt even when the temperature takes a dip. But often, when winter is around, we pack up our skirts and reach out for our cold-weather dresses. But let me assure you, if you style correctly, then the midi skirt can be a great piece of clothing even for the winter.

You don’t have to put away your mules, crop tops and midi skirts just because winter is around. Here are some amazing ways you can keep wearing your midi skirt throughout the winter season. I am sure you will like these style options.

Midi Skirt with Coat

midi skirt with coat

You can wear your midi skirt with a statement coat, graphic sweater and pumps. Wear a colorful skirt and make a difference. Winter colors need not be dark and boring always. You can even wear your skirt with a crop top, like you see in this picture above.

Midi Skirt with Turtleneck

midi skirt with turtleneck

Tuck in your turtleneck into the midi skirt like this. Add a belt to better define your look. You may even add a duster coat and wear your favorite ankle boots with this dress.

Lace Midi Skirt

lace midi skirt

A lace midi skirt can be a fantastic option if it is not too cold at your place, particularly during the day time. To add a bit of color, wear a bright red skirt and contrast this with a blue classic denim jacket. If it is colder, you can wear the midi skirt with fur coat. Or you can wear classic earthy tones as well. This will look elegant and beautiful too. Add your statement necklace to this look.

Midi Skirt with Tall Boots

midi skirt with tall boots

A midi skirt may also look great with tall boots. The combination of leather, tall boots and tights will protect you from the elements, while you can keep looking chic. You can also wear a midi skirt with cognac tall boots. This will add a new twist to your every day style.

Midi Skirt with Plaid Shirt

midi skirt with plaid shirt

Want a combination that is surprisingly cool? All you have to do is wear a plaid shirt with your midi skirt. Easy isn’t it? You can always add a jacket or cardigan to this outfit depending on the weather and the time of the day or wear it without any of them.

Midi Skirt at Work

striped midi skirt for work

A button-down shirt, bright heels and striped skirt will always look professional and yet playful for your interview or winter internship. The high heels are going to balance out the heaviness of tights and longer skirt. The flared silhouette of your midi will be appropriate for the office environment or your place of work. Accessorize with the right bag with your dress. Add a pearl statement to complete your look.

Midi Skirt with Sweater

midi skirt with sweater

Even the most basic midi skirt is going to look good with a sweatshirt or fuzzy sweater.

Feel free to experiment with your look to find out what works for you and looks good on you.


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