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No one would deny the insane popularity of jeans in modern men’s wardrobe. Sturdy and comfortable, they are just everywhere! Your office dress code is tolerant to a casual style? – Jeans. Going to a supermarket? – Jeans. Meeting with your friends in a pub? – Jeans. Spending a weekend with your family outdoors? – Jeans again (well, it depends on the sort of activity men go for those days, however, lots of them still cannot give their jeans some rest on Sunday too). Isn’t it enough? I bet, at least half of you out there feel quite fed up already with this incredible garment and would welcome any changes, even if the alternative clothing is not that universal.

Most of his time a man spends in an office. That’s the place, where your look is generally expected to be both smart and comfortable enough to spend eight hours on a chair. Based on these criteria, the most obvious solution is trousers. If you thought them to be just an attribute of a formal suit, then this article is definitely for you. In fact, trousers have always been a nice alternative to jeans, if not to say a better alternative to jeans, at least in a casual segment. Why aren’t they that popular? Well, that’s another question. What you should learn, however, is how to select high quality trousers that will be a decent substitution to your favourite jeans.

Casual trouser selection

Trouser fabric does matter

The true sign of good trousers is natural content. They shouldn’t necessarily contain 100% percent wool, cotton or linen, as these natural fabrics can be mixed with each other in certain proportions. Beware of synthetics, though.

Polyester or nylon can be precious for your business trip trousers, as they won’t wrinkle much. But they neither look, nor feel like a high quality wool fabric.

Trouser fabrics

To make sure your trousers meet important requirements, go for the fabrics by the world’s most renowned wool manufacturers, such as Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Harrisons of Edinburgh, Scabal or Carlo Barbera.


Despite the presence of a lining is not necessarily an indicator of a luxurious garment, it considerably contributes to your pleasure from wearing trousers. The lining materials that definitely deserve your attention are cotton, viscose and bemberg (cupro). The last one is widely regarded as the world’s best lining fabric and is mainly used in expensive suits. Again, avoid polyester, as it is less hygienic and has a poor breathability.

Trouser lining


Good wool fabric trousers have a cut that slightly resembles the shapes of your leg, while the lines are smooth and essential. No doubt, good trousers should be neither baggy or skinny. The most optimal cut for more than 50 years is considered to be only slightly or moderately narrowed trousers. When selecting a trouser silhouette, you should also take into account your body constitution, as narrowed trousers don’t suit some gentlemen.

Despite there’s an extensive offer in men’s suit shops, the guarantee of impeccable fitting on your body can only be a tailor’s custom work. If you are inclined to perfectionism, you would also search for the best wool fabrics for sale, as nothing makes a bigger impression of your clothing than its fabrics.

trouser cut

Clasp for several buttons

The classic attribute of high quality trousers is a zipper clasp and the line of three or four buttons plus a clasp for another three buttons with a horizontal orientation. Two buttons are located on the one trouser side, and the third button is on another side. This ensures the most even trouser fit and speaks volumes about their high quality, as well as of the manufacturer’s trustworthiness.

These days, there can be left only two horizontal buttons, while the third one can be replaced to a metal fastener for more comfort. Sometimes, you can find trousers with a horizontal fastener that has two buttons and two hooks – in Richard James collection, for example.

Buttons inside trousers

Split waistband

Best trousers have a small cut in the middle of the waist, which is called waistband split. It is designed to provide you more comfort in movements or when you sit, however, this detail is mainly created for decoration. At the same time, the presence of a split waistband is generally perceived as a sign of quality.

Trouser split waistband

Figured stitch and special restraining strip of fabric

A figured stitch is a decorative detail, while a strip of special fabric (sometimes felt like rubberised or simply embossed) has a practical purpose, retaining a shirt in trousers. This stitch is also applied for decorating a burr and pockets. As a rule, it is made with a special machine, however, on the most expensive trousers it can be done manually. The trousers with that stitch look more interesting.Restraining strip inside trousers

Belt tab

What’s a belt tab? That’s a loop in which you thread the pin of your belt buckle. What for? This little loop prevents your buckle from sliding to either up or down, as well as from moving it either to right or left. This small device is not much widespread, however, its usefulness is obvious.

Belt tab

Finishing on the wrong side

Look inside trousers and turn them inside out. High quality trousers are very neatly decorated on the wrong side, which is most typical for Italian manufacturers.

Trouser finishing inside

The pattern matching

If your trousers feature a chequered pattern, it’s worth to pay attention on whether the pattern matches on the seams. If it does, then such sign of the manufacturer’s highest attention to detail can be also the sign of the overall highest quality of your garment. At the same time, this doesn’t necessarity indicate a high price – you can find quite many brands in the mass segment who cares for pattern matching as well as me.

pattern match on trousers

The button material

Premium quality trousers feature the buttons made out of horn, corozo or nacre. At the same time, even some of the most expensive ones can be equipped with an ordinary plastic button. Sometimes, such plastic buttons look very similar to a natural horn. Anyway, it is exclusively decorative detail which if made of horn or nacre speaks volumes about the highest quality of your trousers.

Trouser button material


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