Lining Fabrics

Surely you must have seen a sewn jacket and checked out its lining. An interesting lining, sewn in well, will add some zing to your garment. Whatever the garment you want to wear, the lining is going to serve many purposes – it will create opacity, finish the inside well, and make the garment glide over your body smoothly.

lining fabric

Many men make the mistake of skipping lining because the sewing time can be longer, it doesn’t show from the outside, and lining costs extra money as well. But if you ask me, you should never skip lining, as it will always add that professional finish. Couture clothes, the ones that look more expensive, such as wedding dresses, woolen pants, and winter jackets are always lined. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is snobbery. There are many good reasons to add lining.

Lining Will Make Your Garment More Comfortable

lining a garment

A silky lining makes even your scratchiest garment as comfortable as silk. Slip of the lining will make your garment slide smoothly on the skin. Cotton lining prevents irritation and chafing in woolen coats. The lining can work as a built-in slip in dresses and skirts, preventing clinging and friction. Natural linings will always breathe better and so your body will always be dry and cool. Plus, lining will also keep you warmer.

silk lining

Silk is a great choice for lining your coats, jackets and suits. It feels luxurious and there are many color choices too. You can try jacquard, cupro, or bemberg lining. Jacquard is known for its softness, durability and pliability. Cupro is lightweight, soft, smooth, durable and air permeable, while Bemberg is renowned for its wearing comfort and water absorption. You can shop for luxury lining fabric at the Tissura online store. There are many colors, and patterns to choose from here.

Lining Will Make Your Clothing Look Better

suit lining

Linings are sometimes visible as well. For example, those under translucent or sheer fabrics will provide modesty, while improve or contrast the color of your fabric. A crocheted or lace dress, which is lined with silk, adds to the look. Opacity linings in sheer fabrics will make the dress look modest, and also hides the darts and seams, which can stand out. Invisible linings may also make their presence known.

dress with split lining

For women, the fabric of a soft, drapey dress can cling to the tummy bulges and panty lines, or wrap around stockings awkwardly. A lining can be the solution. Tight pants or skirts may also benefit when lined. You can prevent the material from sagging or getting stretched in areas of tension like the knees.

Lining a Garment Can Be Very Satisfying

coat with lining

Your couture garments will look and feel the best only when you have lining in the inside. With high-end clothing, you have to make it the best, both from the outside and the inside. Such garments will cost more money, and lining can help here, because a lined garment will last longer. It will be more pleasant to wear if you have selected a nice fabric for your lining.


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