Layering Tricks For The Winter

There are so many I know who will just bundle up in frosty weather, foregoing style. A chunky knit is really good to stay warm, but surely, you don’t want to look bulky when at work or going out with your friends. Layering can do the trick. With proper layering, you won’t have to sacrifice style for warmth. Here are some tricks that you will surely find useful.

Layer From Thin To Thick

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Pick the right pieces and layer them in the correct order, and you won’t look over-layered. Start from the thinnest layer at the base. Gradually work up with the thickest layers last. For instance, you can start with a silk long-sleeve shirt and end with your cable knit sweater. With this, you can remove the chunkiest layer always when you are indoors.

Layer Slim-Fitting Clothes Together

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Do something different. Create a new combination by wearing the winter and fall pieces together. You will look sharp. Make sure to select pieces that are slim-fitting. Go for a cashmere turtleneck, for example, instead of the chunky knit. For best results, wear classy colors like winter white, oxblood and navy blue. Wearing them together won’t look sloppy.

Recycle Clothes From The Summer

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Clothes we wear in the spring and summer are often made from lighter materials. You can use them to layer for the cold season. For example, you can wear a silk button down below the sleeveless sundress and make it appear like a jumper. Wear leggings, and a cozy vest to make it a very nice outfit. You can also layer your shorts with a sweater tight to dress casually. It is best to avoid pastel colors. You will be able disguise warm weather clothes if the color palette is darker.

Focus On Proportions

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While dressing up in the morning, you must always focus on proportions. Pair your oversized fisherman sweater with a slim-fitting bottom, such as a cropped black pant or dark washed skinny denim. Similarly, for a knee-length skirt, you can pair it with a short-layer top, such as a cropped blazer or shrunken sweater. There will be visual variety if you wear a collared blouse below.

Make Sure To Wear Your Belt

winter outfit with belt

You can wear the belt with virtually everything. You will get it right with a few trials and errors. The belt is going to define your waist, thereby making you look less bulky. Done correctly, it will also make you appear larger. Try both skinny and wide belts to find what works well for each outfit. Remember, you can wear the belt even on the outermost later, on the coat or jacket, if of course, there is no belt on the piece already.

It gets really cold here in London in December. You will want to remain warm and cozy in this weather, but you can still dress up in style to look cute. Winter dressing doesn’t have to be dark and gloomy all the time.


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