Layering Clothes Winter

Here are some of the best ways of layering clothes in the winter –

You have to keep yourself warm in the winter, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the way you look. I always get excited when winter starts approaching as I get to wear my amazing jackets, cardigans, boots and so on. Sometimes we end up wearing fewer clothes to look stylish, but this can be uncomfortable. To me, this could happen if the layering is not been done properly.

There are many ways to layer clothes on a chilly day or night and still sport a great look. But it’s essential that you remember a few critical things. Remember the following when you are layering for the winter –

Long Tee and Chunky Cardigan Look:

tee and cardigan

If you feel that a cardigan might not save you from the chilly weather then you can wear a stripped long tee underneath it. This will not only turn out to be something cozy but would also look absolutely stylish. Accessorize it to enhance the intensity of the entire outfit even more by opting for a black glares and a bracelet. Coming to the hairstyle, you can make a messy bun or properly tie up your hair so that it goes with the attire. Therefore, this winter outfit should certainly do wonders for you.

The Cropped Top and Bomber Look:

cropped top and bomber

You really do not have to worry about your cropped tops during winters because you can definitely wear them even if the weather is too chilly. Layer the cropped top with a dapper bomber jacket and you would be surely good to go. Team it up with a black distress jeans and boots to sport an extremely cool look.

The Turtle Neck Top and Jumpsuit Shirt Combo:

turtle neck top and jumpsuit shirt

You might have the urge of wearing something short at a party but the cold weather may restrain you from doing so. But according to me you can actually opt for that option because parties generally take place indoors and you might not feel that cold when you are surrounded by four walls. So, go for your most stylish turtle neck top and pair it up with a jumpsuit shirt. I am sure this particular outfit would fetch you innumerable compliments.

Pair Your Cropped Sweater with a Shirt:

cropped sweater and shirt

Talking about layering of clothes during winters, I just love wearing my cropped sweaters with button-up shirts. It not only looks slick but I also feel quite warm in that particular outfit.

Keep it Loose:

layering for the winter

Wearing too many clothes may make you feel uncomfortable at times but if you go for a loose top and team it up with a loose cardigan, then you would definitely not face this problem. Therefore, opt for something similar to the picture here. This will surely keep you warm and make you look quite awesome.


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