Knitted Dress

I love sweater dresses, so it’s no surprise that I always prefer the winter. It’s that time of the year when I can layer in so many ways, experiment and have fun. A comfortable sweater dress is cozy and relaxed. Just add footwear, a belt may be, or throw a jacket on top, and you can look different so you don’t have to wear the same old look every time. A knitted sweater dress can be very versatile.

Here are some inspirational looks for you –

Sweater Dress With Boots

sweater dress with boots

This is always a perfect pairing. A sweater dress and boots will together give you a classy, relaxed look. Tall boots always looks good – they are elegant and classy. Want to wear something a bit modern and edgier? Go for ankle booties. You can also wear a boot with a stacked heel to complement earthly knits. It adds balance. Another option is your suede boot – this can look fabulous too.

sweater dress with over the knee boots

What about the color choices? My personal favorites are cognac and black boots. You can show off a different look too by wearing a gray boot. You can also wear sneakers if everyone else is wearing boots with their knitwear.

Speaking of knitwear, I sometimes like to buy jersey fabrics and have the knitwear specially made for me. Jersey fabric is very stretchy, soft, and is a great option for lightweight draped garments, such as tops, and evening dresses. There is wool and wool blend jersey too for the winter. I can make jackets, and suits from them.

Wear A Belt

sweater dress with belt

Hiding the waist can be a problem is your knit is rather clunky or loose. You can cinch in that knit dress with a belt. Go wider with your belt if your knit is chunkier. Choose a color to contrast or complement your dress. There are so many ways to wear a belt with your sweater. Add a bag, boots, and a scarf and you are done.

Sweater Dress with Leggings

sweater dress with black leggings

Sometimes, knitted dresses can look on the shorter side. It can still look good if only you wear your knit with a pair of leggings. For instance, you can wear black leggings and brown boots with your knitwear. You can even add a denim jacket on top for additional visual appeal. So you don’t have to pass up the sweater dress yet. Leggings will turn the sweater dress into a long top, making you look modern and hip.

Safari Style Sweater Dress

safari style sweater dress

This is another option. See how beautiful she is looking in this khaki gray sleeveless coat on top of a slouchy turtleneck knitted dress. She is pairing the outfit with over the knee boots to complete her look. I will wear such a dress any day. It is smart, trendy, and beautiful to look at.

Sleeveless Sweater Dress

sleeveless sweater dress

You can also wear a sleeveless knitted dress if it is not too cold outside. To make it look extra trendy, it can also be a distressed sleeveless dress. That will add the oomph factor.


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