Outfit Ideas For July

June 21st is officially the start of the summer season in the northern hemisphere. It’s the time for those bright sunny days once again. So have you planned what to wear this summer? Perhaps it is time to revamp the wardrobe to give you a new summer look. You can still look your best, even in the summer heat, which can sometimes get quite unbearable. I will share with you some super cool outfits to wear this summer, but before that, here are some summer-dressing rules that may help you.

Rule #1 – Wear flowy and loose clothes to stay cool in the heat.
Rule #2 – Choose the fabric carefully. Silk, thin denim and linen will be the best.
Rule #3 – Go for light colors. Dark tones absorb more heat and make you sweat.
Rule #4 – Use breathable and waterproof makeup products so that it doesn’t melt.
Rule #5 – A cross-body or small handbag will be good. Stay away from large totes.
Rule #6 – Your comfort is most important. Dress minimally and comfortably.

Here are some dress ideas for July you might find useful…

Crop Top

crop top outfit

A crop top is a great idea for the summer months. It looks casual, gorgeous, and is very comfortable. Wear culottes or printed pants if your crop top is simple, but if you are wearing a fancy one, then you need to keep the pants simple. You can also wear a ruffled top, quite a rage now. This can even be paired with a skirt or denim pant.

Shirt Dress

shirt dress outfit

A shirt dress can be effortlessly chic. So wear your color and look gorgeous in it. Pink, metallic, bright, and bold are trending this year. Wear the shirt dress with a chunky neckpiece and you will improve your look even further.

Lace Top

lace top outfit

Lace is one of the best fabrics to wear in the summer. And you will always look beautiful too in a lacy top. Style your top with a skirt or flared pants. For lace, you can buy it from the online boutique store Tissura.


culottes outfit

These are trending hot now, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be wearing it. You can pair the culottes by tucking in your lace top, with a cold shoulder top, or with an off shoulder top to look trendy. There are many options.


summer kimono outfit

A kimono too can look great when you wear it with your plain top, may be a tank top. You can pair with a skinny pant or anything else that looks good on you.

Floral Dresses

floral off-shoulder ruffle dress

Summer is the time to wear those floral prints. In fact, a floral dress is an absolute must have for this time of the year. Sure enough, they are everywhere, but I am sure you can style it a bit differently to show your own side. The trick is may be in the way you accessorize your look.

Accessories For The Summer

There are so many very nice accessories to choose from – hats, caps, chic jewelry, and funky shades. Don’t forget to add a few awesome belts into your wardrobe to become summer ready. You can wear one with your short or favorite denim.

Here are some other summer fashion trends for this year. Check them out.


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