Jacquard Fabric

Winter is the year season when many of us are forced to change their wardrobe to something heavier, mostly solid and less delicate. Exquisite patterns, exclusive cuts, spectacular drapes – all these enchanting details give way to warmth and practicality. No doubt, late autumn and winter coats represent another dimension of elegance, however, not all fashionistas feel well-tuned to it. How to get through colder seasons effortlessly and not missing your favorite couture jacquard clothing much? Here are some pieces of advice.

1. The first one is for those, who doesn’t want to pack their favourite clothes for the whole winter season – go bold for teaming your favourite jacquard garment with wool or leather clothing! The balance of colours and prints are the key here, essentially. However, if your clothes really match each other, give them a chance! Very often, such combinations enliven the look bringing a touch of spring mood into the greyish shades of late November days.

How to get most of such combination? Well, paraphrasing the preelection slogan we’ve all heard some time before, “America Jacquard first!”. This means, you should construct your outfit entirely around your jacquard dress, blouse or trousers, and make it the focal part of your look. This strategy has been successfully applied in the photos below:

Jacquard trousers

As you see, by adding some buggles and sequins to your outfit, the wool garment can be stylistically aligned with the glittery of jacquard fabrics. Just find the right proportion!

2. Make a jacquard coat for winter. Yes, that’s a quite obvious one, however, be mindful of fabric vibrancy – it is perfect for complementing with solid garments, but you should be very cautious at matching your current jacquard clothing with the coat.

Whatever piece of advice you fancy most, you are faced the choice whether to buy ready-made luxury jacquard clothing or create custom one. Both options have their pros and contras, however, as for me, I’m always more inclined to sew clothes. Why? In fact, sewing by yourself takes time, but eventually, it gives you more freedom both in terms of fabric and cut selection. Today, you are even not limited to the fabric range in your local fabric shop, as you can explore a great selection of jacquard fabrics sold online.

Moreover, any cloth created by your hands always retains the immeasurable warmth of your hands, which is actually felt in contrast with all factory-made stuff. Finally, it is a great chance to unleash your creativity, as you can either follow the exact sewing guidelines, or bring in something inspired by your imagination.


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