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The year was 1842. Jules Dormeuil, aged 22 years, started a business and began importing fabrics to France from England. The House of Dormeuil grew fast, and in just 20 years, the company’s headquarters was set up in Paris at 4 Rue Vivienne. His brothers soon joined, and the business started to grow even faster. Today, Dormeuil ranks among one of the most successful family businesses in the fashion industry.

What Does Dormeuil Make?

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Dormeuil makes some of the best coating and suiting fabrics, which are made of silk, merino wool, vicuna, and cashmere. The business acquires the finest raw materials, uses the most advanced machines, the latest technologies, employs the best designers and weavers, and quality checks at every step, to ensure quality at all times. Dormeuil has blended modern technologies with the finest British traditions to produce only the best quality premium fabrics.

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Of course, the fiber quality matters greatly. But the real reason why Dormeuil has been so successful is their ability to combine the fibers for making yarns that come with superior properties. Technology, focusing on innovations to bring out new finishes, and general improvements so that a wearer feels more comfortable, has also been important factors behind the success of the business.

Dormeuil History and Today

Dormeuil is still based out of Paris. There are many stores, but the first one was opened not at Paris, but in London. That was at New Burlington Street, which was a thriving tailoring area of the city. The first store in New York was opened in 1905, at Fifth Avenue. Subsequently, a ladies division was opened during the 1920s, and later, the prestigious Dormeuil House was established at Golden Square in London.

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The research, development, and the all important design teams are based out of Paris. Designers who work here mix yarns of different colors, with many types of textures and weaves to come out with new and improved products in the finest French traditions. This has, in fact, been a practice that the business has always followed. Dominic Dormeuil is presently the President of the business.

Dormeuil now supplies patterned and plain worsted wool fabrics, and also silk, mohair and cashmere blends. There are many varieties in all of them, so you will have a lot of choice. And they are all of the finest quality you can depend on, of course. The luxury and opulence is matchless. The most popular Dormeuil collections include Exel, Amadeus, Cashmere Supreme, Aquaplan, and Ambassador.


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This is a Dormeuil bestseller, for a good reason. It is comfortable, smooth, fine, and yet, the fabric is perfect for every day wear. The design range is extremely wide too. Completely woven at the advanced facilities in England, Dormeuil brings together the sophistication of France and the traditional know how of England, making it one of the best fabrics you can ever find.

Exel, on the other hand, is a pure wool fabric with natural stretch for unrivaled comfort. It is made of 100% worsted wool.


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