Cashmere Trends

The start of the winter season always gets me excited. There are colors to wear, so many textures and tones, thicker fabrics and layering to try, and then there is cashmere, which is always so trendy, sophisticated, and comfortable too. Cashmere can be good choice for formal places, but I like to keep it casual and fun, where I can at least.

Finer than a sheep’s wool, cashmere is soft, very luxurious and can be expensive, but there are good reasons for this. It traps air more efficiently and keeps you warm even on the coldest days. The cashmere trend will probably never fade away – I just love it.

The Amazing Cashmere Wool

There are so many natural colors of cashmere to choose from that you will never run out of choices – grey, brown, and white being the most popular. And when the cashmere material is dyed, you get many more trendy shades. Obtained from the hair of goats that live in the high Himalayan ranges and other places, cashmere is rare, and thus the high price. Once the goat’s hair is extracted, we have to wait till it grows back again. So supply is always limited. Of course, it must then be processed and presented to us. So cashmere goes through a lot till we can have it ready for wearing.

Scarcity is just one reason why cashmere is regarded so highly as a premium yarn. It is finer than the wool of a regular sheep, silky, and extremely soft, and very comfortable. Cashmere fabric is used in the making of shawls, dresses, cardigans, and sweaters.

Here are some of the best ways you can wear cashmere this winter –

Cashmere Sweater

cashmere sweater

This is like a staple for the winter. You will love its softness and lightweight on your skin and the simple luxury it offers. It is so cuddly and comfortable that you may want to keep wearing the cashmere sweater even on the days when it’s not too cold. A great cashmere sweater should be a definite must for your winter wardrobe. You can wear it perfectly with so many items in different ways.

You can also wear a short sleeve cashmere sweater, pairing it with a maxi skirt, perhaps a printed one, and add a statement necklace to complete your look. Wear neutral flats to stay comfortable throughout the day.

Pair Your Cashmere With Ankle Boots

cashmere with ankle boot

I always add element when I am dressing casual like jeans and sweater to accentuate my look and give it a chic touch. For the winter and fall, sometimes I wear an ankle boot, which gives me height and balances the oversized look of my sweater and denim. Always go for comfort in the city where you might have to do some walking. Keep the front open to stay casual. Add a hat or cap and you are going to look casual and cool. True, there are so many ways to style a cashmere outfit.

Cashmere Jumper

cashmere jumper

A 100% cashmere jumper always looks cool. Make sure that it is made of 100% cashmere though, because the best quality is always worth it. Select a shade that you can wear for most occasions. For example, soft blue goes well with denim, a bomber jacket and boots. The black color also looks trendy with many outfits. Check the label to make sure that it is 100% cashmere.

Cashmere Scarf

cashmere scarf

Add the scarf to your outfit – it is practical and trendy. Sometimes, however, a scarf can cause your neck to itch. So go with cashmere because this top quality material will never cause any itchiness. It adds that touch of luxury too. You will find scarves in many colors and patterns. Here’s one in checks.

cashmere scarf

You can wear the scarf in many ways too. Here’s one more way of wearing the scarf.

100% cashmere will never itch because of its characteristics. The fibers are not straight. They are bumpy and they cling to each other, making the yarn stay soft against the skin.

Cashmere With Jeans

cashmere with jeans

Cashmere can look good with denim as well, making this a winter wardrobe essential. I love straight-cut pair, which is styled with a sweater. It looks winter-chic and casual and is great for the city. Cashmere and denim together will work every time for you.

Cashmere Blazer

cashmere blazer

The blazer will give you softness without sacrificing any hardiness. Once again, you will find these blazers in almost every color. There are cashmere blazers in different styles and colors for every occasion – for dinner, evening party, or the office. The cashmere blazer will add a distinct heritage feel to your outfit.

Cashmere vs. Merino Wool

Merino wool is also a good option to wear like cashmere, and there are many who think that they are both the same. Not so! You should know that there are some critical differences between cashmere and merino wool, such as,

  • We get cashmere wool from a particular type of goat that lives high up in the Himalayas, while merino is obtained from sheep, which you will get in New Zealand and Australia. Originally, though, merino was obtained from sheep from Spain and Portugal.
  • Merino wool gives you optimal warmth, while cashmere provides better insulation. It can be up to 8 times warmer than the wool from sheep.
  • More color choices with cashmere. There are natural colors and those you get once dyed. Natural colors of merino, on the other hand, may not look pleasing.
  • They are both smooth and soft. However, cashmere is more lightweight.
  • Merino wool costs less than cashmere.
  • You have to hand wash merino in warm or cold water. Cashmere can be hand washed or sent to a dry cleaner.

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