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The best quality cashmere is always a classic. The style never dies – it’s been around for a long time now, and you can be sure that it will remain trendy for many years. Personally, I know I can always invest in cashmere. From scarves to sweaters, a well-made cashmere item is certainly worth it. It will last for many years as well if you look after it properly. Even the celebrities, from royalty to film stars, are often seen wearing cashmere – like us, they too are in love with cashmere.

Check out how the celebrities are wearing cashmere –

What is Cashmere?

cashmere sweater outfit

Cashmere wool is perhaps the softest variety you will find. Procured from the fur of Kashmir goats that live in high altitudes, the fiber is extremely silky and soft. These Kashmir goats are found in India, Mongolia, Iran, China, and some other countries. It is lightweight, keeps you feeling cozy and warm even in the harshest winter, and the material will never itch as well as the fibers are bumpy and not straight. Cashmere is very durable too and easy to take care. With just basic care, your cashmere jacket, sweater, cardigan or coat, and it will serve you for a long time.

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Cashmere wool will keep you warm, but you will never sweat under it. The insulation is perfect. Available in natural colors, you can choose from grey, brown, and white. No wonder, so many celebrities the world over are in love with this wool.

Here are some celebrities who have been spotted wearing cashmere.

Jessica Alba:

jessica alba cashmere dress

Almost all us have a favorite item in the wardrobe that is easy to wear, warm and comfortable. We turn to them again and again because they are convenient, practical, and we can depend to look good on them. Actress Jessica Alba is no different. In fact, she has been pictured many times in her classic grey cashmere sweater, which she keeps wearing with different outfits. The simple style and its natural color make it a great dress you can wear up or down. You can also layer it easily, so this is a wardrobe staple.

Kate Middleton:

kate middleton cashmere dress

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, will always choose the most timeless pieces that are of top quality. You will see her often wearing cashmere. Just visit the fashion blog Kate’s Closet, and you can follow this popular royal and see all her latest outfits. If you want, you can even buy the same things or something similar to emulate her looks. Just before she married Prince William, she arrived at Clarence House wearing a pale pink cashmere sweater.

She has also been seen wearing a cashmere mix jumper, the one you see in this picture. In her royal tour of Canada, she was pictured wearing a light brown cashmere dress, which was quite a stunner.

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Melania Trump:

melania trump cashmere dress

The world is watching the US First Lady Melania Trump with a lot of interest. She makes striking impressions by the way she dresses. Earlier in the year, Melania was seen wearing a brilliant blue cashmere jacket and dress. It was on the Inauguration Day. She chose it over anything else for this important occasion.

Melania’s outfit on this day prompted comparisons with the former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy who was a fashion icon herself. Jacqueline wore a similar style in 1961 to the inauguration of her husband John F. Kennedy. It was designed by Oleg Cassini.

Marilyn Monroe:

marilyn monroe cashmere dress

The fashion icon star Marilyn Monroe used to adore cashmere knitwear. Many of her true fans followed her wearing this style and even got outfits in the actual style. Monroe showed us how clothing needn’t be revealing and skimpy to be a beautiful and glamorous woman, and to showcase a flattering and feminine look. Monroe was often pictured in cozy cardigans and chunky knit sweaters.

Miranda Cosgrove:

miranda cosgrove cashmere dress

Actress Miranda Cosgrove too loves cashmere. She posted a selfie where she was seen wearing a grey classic cashmere knit. A very good casual wear, Miranda showed us how a simple sweater can look so stylish and effortless when it is made of cashmere. You can wear this look with a pair of shoes and denim.

The Best Ways of Wearing Cashmere

You can wear the cashmere trend in so many ways. Like I mentioned before, you can wear a cashmere jacket, sweater, cardigan or coat. Here are some options –

cashmere turtleneck sweater

  1. Wear a cashmere turtleneck knit.
  2. An oversized cashmere or a sleeveless sweater.
  3. Add drama with a cape. Pair it stylishly with any combination.
  4. The coat for outerwear luxury.
  5. A cocktail dress with a bright skirt.
  6. A full-length dress with sweater and robe coat.
  7. Black turtleneck with button-down underneath.
  8. Knitted unstructured coat.
  9. Sporty and comfortable look with a cashmere cardigan.

Types of Cashmere Fibers

  1. Raw – Fiber that is directly from the goat and has not been processed yet.
  2. Processed – Fiber that has gone through de-hairing, washing, and carding and can be spin or weaved/crocheted/knitted.
  3. Virgin – Refers to new cashmere fiber that is made into yarns, garments or fabrics for the first time.
  4. Recycled – The fibers that have been reclaimed from fabrics or scrap previously felted or woven and could have been used previously by people.

Why Does Cashmere Cost So Much

cashmere with denim

The only complaint about cashmere is about its costs. Though there are cheaper options, but the quality here is not as good. Here’s why the best cashmere will always cost more.

  1. Quality – The best quality fibers in weaving will cost more.
  2. Production – Weaving and dying of some fabrics is easy. But for others, more time and labor is needed. Cutting-edge technologies, modern looms, and high-end equipment will also be required.
  3. Availability – Only a few goats produce the wool that is used to make cashmere. Then we have to wait till the time the goats are ready to shed their wool again. Scarcity is one reason why the price goes up.

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