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Suiting Fabrics


These days, suits can be made from virtually anything. For instance, Lady Gaga was once seen wearing one that was made from raw meat. Thankfully, most men wouldn’t be so adventurous. Also, while

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Celebrity Fashion Fall


What are the celebrities wearing in the fall? It seems that even the celebrities have a soft corner for fall. Right from Katherine McNamara to Keira Knightly, everyone has been seen in dashing

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Winter Outfit Trends


Summer might be long gone but the urge of dressing up has still not faded away. In fact I feel that winters are the best time of the year to experiment with clothes

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Tweed Fabric Trends


How do you look good in a tweed blazer or jacket in the winter? Tweed, a wonderful fabric, looks awesome when you style it well. I want to thank Coco Chanel here for

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Winter Fabrics London


Visiting London in December? It will be really cold this time of the year. There can be a chance of occasional rainfall as well. The average temperature is around 6°C, and it gets

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Mountain Vacation Outfits


Most people head to the hills in the summer. But if you like snow, like me, then try going during the winter holiday season, just to enjoy the chills. Skiing is an added

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Coat Styles


Coats come in a range of styles and models for the winter and fall seasons. The materials or fabrics used also vary, such as tweed, velvet, and cashmere wool, among others. The materials

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Midi Skirt


Can you wear a midi skirt in the winter? Not everyone might agree with me, but I am firmly of the opinion that every season is appropriate for the midi skirt. Yes, you

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Winter Wardrobe Men


With November already here, December and the winter season is not far away. The days are already beginning to get shorter. Winter in the United Kingdom and London can be really cold, so

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Fall Colors


I love the fall. In fact, many who love dressing up love this season and wait for this season throughout the year. Yes, most women are into fashion, but we just cannot exclude

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Lining Fabrics


Surely you must have seen a sewn jacket and checked out its lining. An interesting lining, sewn in well, will add some zing to your garment. Whatever the garment you want to wear,

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Wool Coat


How do you wear a wool coat in the fall? Fall is the most amazing time of the year for many of us, especially for those who are into fashion. Some of you

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Sweater Layering Trends


Layering of clothes or sweaters during winters might turn out to be a problem for some of you but it’s quite exciting for me. And I am sure even you will find it

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Fall Outfits


Fall is an exciting time of the year for me – it’s time for those scarves, boots, and sweaters. It’s that time of the year when I bring out my favorite cool-weather clothes

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Cashmere Fashion


The best quality cashmere is always a classic. The style never dies – it’s been around for a long time now, and you can be sure that it will remain trendy for many

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