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8 Must-Haves For Your Wardrobe


Whatever be the fashion trend, there are a few wardrobe staples that are always a must-have. Fashion trends change from year to year. Playing catch-up can sometimes be difficult. Stick to these classic

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Wearing The Polka Dot Trend


Marilyn Monroe wore that famous polka dot bikini suit. But it’s not just the Hollywood celebrity, we all wear polka dots sometime in our lives. I remember my mom wearing a dot dress.

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Outfit Ideas For July


June 21st is officially the start of the summer season in the northern hemisphere. It’s the time for those bright sunny days once again. So have you planned what to wear this summer?

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Dormeuil Fabrics


The year was 1842. Jules Dormeuil, aged 22 years, started a business and began importing fabrics to France from England. The House of Dormeuil grew fast, and in just 20 years, the company’s

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Scabal Fabrics


Headquartered at Brussels, Scabal is one of the leading textile makers in the world, including the finest premium wool. The business was founded by Otto Hertz in 1938. But in the initial years,

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Wardrobe Essentials


Fashion trends change all the time. We love to wear what is trending, but there are some clothes that stay relevant, even with all those changes. So what are the essential pieces that

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Sweater Dress


What are the best ways of wearing an off-shoulder knit sweater or a sweater dress? I have many off-shoulder tops, but my favorite is the off shoulder knit sweater. There must be something

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Semi-Formal Outfits


There are occasions when you have to wear something between formal and casual – semi-formal. This will be dressier than your everyday business clothes, but less formal than your black-tie dress. You don’t

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Knitted Dress


I love sweater dresses, so it’s no surprise that I always prefer the winter. It’s that time of the year when I can layer in so many ways, experiment and have fun. A

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Winter Coats


It’s great to wear a coat or a jacket during the cold season, and you need one as well to stay protected. But if you are less than 5 feet 4 inches, then

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Tweed Jacket


What are the best ways for men to wear a tweed jacket or blazer? A tweed jacket, and even a blazer, is a wonderful item to have in your wardrobe. You can wear

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V-Neck Sweater


Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are two people I love, not just for what they have done for the home computing industry, but also for how well they have carried themselves, and looked

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Winter Travel Outfits


December is often a whirlwind. There is so much work to complete before the holiday season sets in. We want to complete the work quickly so that there is time on our hands

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Jacquard Fabric Cleaning


Printed designs look good. But if you want the luster to last longer and want the printed pattern to be more wearable, then you can go for the jacquard fabric. The fabric goes

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Winter Fashion Trends


I have already decided to flaunt all my sparkly and metallic dresses with feathers this winter. Bold makeup is also on my priority list. So, I am going to try out everything creative

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